Many years ago, while I was living in Dallas, Texas, I visited a small Unity Church.  I was searching for a non-denominational spiritual community where to serve, worship and grow.

When I visited this church for the first time, I was amazed the minister was a female.  She was attractive, had a serene demeanor and seemed to be in her early 60’s.  I was completely struck by that and felt such joy because I automatically identified with that role.  Yes, me, a minister.  I realized at that moment I had the calling within me and became aware of it right then and there. 

A few years before, I was a very active member for more than 12 years at a Christian church (in the Dominican Republic), where I served as a counselor for the Woman’s Ministry.  Our pastor imparted ministerial training to prepare me to fulfill such an important and sacred role.  It was an honor and I was a natural.

In 2010 I decided to become a Life Coach and got my certification through a wonderful emotion-based life coach training at YOUUniversity Coaching and train potential coaches through the program.  

The ministerial calling came back into my awareness in 2012 and again I was blessed to find a true life-transforming online program with Pathways of Light spiritual college (curriculum based on A Course in Miracles) and am now an ordained ministerial counselor. 

I experience the joy of counseling, coaching and facilitating spiritual workshops to both English and Spanish speaking clients/students.  I also facilitate the ministerial counseling curriculum of Pathways of light to students who are ready to become ministers themselves. 

Now more than ever I am fully focused on moving forward with my ministry and share my talents and abilities helping and serving others.  This is my passion, my calling and I am ready. 

My services include:

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