Sunday, April 21, 2019

One Problem One Solution

I always post about my own life journey and what I experience.  To say the least, I'm not perfect and far from "arriving", but I am truly willing to open up to Spirit within and be guided every single step of the way.

I know that every relationship and circumstance in my life can be used by my Inner Wisdom to teach me where I am at in my healing process. But, what is it that needs to be healed?  Well, I know for a fact that I still hold many false ideas and beliefs about myself and the world in general.

I realize that I identify with the body as if I am a body and not that I have a body.  I still have fears that I need to address, process and release because they are based on lies.  I know that Love, the eternal love that doesn't change, is the answer to each and every seeming problem.  In A Course in Miracles it states clearly that there is only one problem.....and one solution.  Basic, right?  And what is that one solution to all my problems??? 

Knowing who I am in truth.  Every time I remember to identify as a Child of God, created by Love, having all of God's attributes, and I feel it and hold it in my awareness consistently, something of the old drops away.  I realize that I am one with my Creator, that I am not separate from Him at all.  Those old beliefs I've held on to for so long, such as unworthiness, fear, guilt, shame, defensiveness, and not being enough as I am, are not true of me.  Or of anyone.  They all stem from believing we have done something terribly a very deep level. 

So far, knowing this truth and being it is still in the process of becoming one in the same.  I forget, I fail, I fear, I defend, I doubt.  But I am aware!  When these false beliefs show up, I use the tools I have learned:  I affirm I am not guilty, that I am eternally loved, that I don't need to defend myself because I am whole. I use forgiveness, which is a practice of seeing everything from a spiritual standpoint, not an ego one.

Along with affirming these truths about everyone, I find that writing about this in my journal, reading on it everyday and listening to other spiritual teachers strengthens me to be and act from this true place in me.