Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Life Is Happening....Even When All Is Still

Last week I was out researching prices and merchandise for an export business between my daughter and I.  I stepped into one particular small clothing store.  The owner and I started chatting.  I told her what I was doing….one thing led to another and out of the blue (?) she asked me if I wanted to help her out two days a week at the store.  I know absolutely nothing about sales, but this felt ok inside and part of a learning process that I need for later on in my journey.
So, yesterday I went for training.  Because it’s something new, I felt awkward, but I was grateful to be out of the house and interacting with people.  And learning.
I’m very involved and excited in expanding my life coaching practice, and I realize that this time in my life is about learning, absorbing, and connecting.  I also feel there is a time to act, a time to rest, a time to be still and pay attention. 
I have prayed and asked God for guidance in all my plans, and what I hear is that it’s time to listen…wait, and take guided steps.  Impatience does creep in a lot, but Wisdom is knowing when to act and when to wait.  So, even though a part of me wants to rush, and whispers that I should be doing this and doing that (many times comparing myself to others and feeling I “should” be moving at a faster speed), it’s not my path.  Learning to follow my own pace is part of my learning.  As Maia reminds me (and is one of the main tools in YOU University program)....LIFE IS A SCHOOL.  And I'm paying attention. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Guilt

Ahhhh, guilt.  Not a good friend; one who's accompanied me throughout most of my life.  It made itself a permanent companion when I was just a little girl.
It took control of my self-perception.  Guilt for being me.  Guilt for making mistakes.  Guilt for having dreams.  Guilt for wanting to follow my own path and dance to my own music.
For years, I was held down by imposed roles to be a nice, good girl....woman....daughter....mother...wife....employee...the list goes on.
Today, I invited guilt to step aside.  Even now, having walked a long path of self discovery, healing and forgiveness, guilt sometimes rears it's dirty and accusing presence into my awareness. Yes, I can feel it's dark energy around my stomach and pressure on my shoulders.
But, it's power over me is no more.  I am conscious of its lies and am freer moment to moment from it's manipulative claws. 
Guilt thrives and hides in our culture, religion, families and even among some of our friends.  Come to think of it, society in general.  The pressure and manipulation is there, wanting to control our thoughts, actions, and ultimately, our lives. 
It has taken a lot of courage on my part and much inner work through the years to finally be able to say I've Got The Power.  I take responsibility for my life, in my own terms.  I owe no one anything.  What I do I will do out of love and choice.  Not from guilt and fear.  No more!!!  The chains are broken.   Guilt steps aside, Love takes it's place!!!  Inner peace is the result.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too Old According to Whom???

Am I too old to embark on a new life project?  A new relationship?  A new career? 
I hear this from many middle aged women....even younger women, in their thirties.  Ohhh, I'm too old.
Society has hammered into our minds, as women, that we are mostly valuable during our younger years, and that that once we hit our fifties, it's over for us and all we have to look forward to is enjoying our grandchildren and retiring. 
I beg to differ!!!
At 56, I'm ready and working each day in creating a new career path.  In 2009 I got an ESL teacher certification.  Last year I became a certified You University Life Coach.  Today, I'm transitioning from an Administrative Professional to a Life Coach and Minister!!  I'm so excited.
The thoughts of being too old sometimes do cross my mind.  I automatically dismiss them.  No one is going to box me in.  Society and the media, and even certain cultures, may still circulate these messages, but it's up to us women to change these images of us.  As long as we believe in ourselves, strive to remain healthy, invest in our well-being and choose to be open to new ventures, we have limitless possibilities and opportunities to continue growing, expanding and making a positive difference in the world.
In our core we are limitless and ageless.  I live from there!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Am As God Created Me

Because of all the on-going inner healing work I've embarked in in the past years (such as You University Life Coach training program) and my spiritual disciplines (ex. ACIM), I am understanding that I have all of God's attributes because God IS my Life.  I am One with God.  This is as natural as breathing.
Some may still think, even in today's day and age, that this belief is sacrilegious. Some may think this is self-centered and link it to a feeling of superiority.  No way.
God is our life.  We Are because God Is.  Whatever your idea of God, whether it's Divine Source, the Universe, the Creator....God's Life is in each and every one of us and in all lives.  The plants, the ocean, the trees, the animals, etc.
To begin to fathom this truth that I am as God created me and that everything else going on in my head is of my own making (inherited from my upbringing and culture) fills me with awe.  It was so alien to see myself in this light, yet now it begins to make perfect sense.  This is the "place" I've been searching for all of my life.  HOME.  A home filled with peace, defenselessness, total trust, joy, guiltlessness.
To realize that I have the power to change the world, to bring Its Light to each living being, to understand that I am INNATELY Love and that I am complete just because, is like taking off dirty clothes I've been wearing and find I have been wearing WHITE, SPOTLESS garments all along underneath.
The most important thing I keep in mind is that all of this is a gift from my Creator.  I have done nothing at all to have to measure up, earn or sacrifice in order to Be Love and loved.
By practicing changing the old self-image of not good enough to the All-Encompassing and Whole Me motivates me to go out into the world and share this Truth with everyone.  This is what I do as a Life Coach.  Remind others who they really are!!    
I (the old me) step back and invite the Light of God to step forward and guide me.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I Am a Creator

I am definitely a creator of the life I want to experience. 
I don't get to see my children or grandchildren very often because I live in the US and they all live in the Dominican Republic.  My oldest granddaughter's 4th birthday was now in March.  I came for her birth, but have never enjoyed being here for any of her birthdays.  I so desired to come...but for financial reasons, I felt it was not the right time to do so.  Yet, the desire was there.  I hadn't come to see my family since last September.
But here I am!!  I made it.  My daughter also had the same desire!!  With her and her hubby's offer to pay for my flight ticket, I hopped on a plane and am enjoying my time so much.  I am so grateful. 
I am grateful to God, to my daughter and hubby, and to Myself, for creating the opportunity and allowing myself to enjoy it. 
As I practice and take these small steps in believing and creating what I want to experience, I am excited to move forward in other areas of my life and do the same!!!