Monday, June 29, 2020


When I am faced with a decision, do I really know what is best for everyone involved?

Whether big or small decisions, I usually (still learning) turn within to Holy Spirit and ask for direction and guidance.  
I learn from A Course in Miracles that:

"In everything be led by Him, and do not reconsider.  Trust Him to answer quickly, surely, and with love for everyone who will be touched in any way by the decision.  And everyone will be."
There is such wisdom here.  My decisions affect others and I wouldn't want to harm anyone out of ignorance.  I am learning to ask, to go within, to be still and listen for guidance.  And Spirit will answer quickly and surely with love, considering everyone affected.  

Why trust my limited understanding when I have God's Guidance available always?

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Special Relationships

The book Choose Again continues on to say about special relationships:  
"In a special relationship, I have given my partner the task of making me happy.  The arrangement stems from a belief in lack, that what I need has to be supplied by my partner.  Finally, a special relationship is a prolonged bargaining session which is doomed to fail; sooner or later my partner does not keep his or her end of the bargain."

I know this very well.  I was in such a relationship for many years, it ended up in co-dependency and losing myself. I have also had this kind of interaction with others, not just a partner, where I am expecting them to make me feel happy, good, etc.  This has only set me up for disappointment and has perpetuated my lack of growth as a whole being.

Once I embarked on the quest of understanding what love is, my relationships are based more on mutual appreciation, healthy boundaries and deeper connection.  It is a continuous work in progress because this takes self-honesty and awareness.  


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Holy Spirit's Mission

“God gave the Holy Spirit to you, and gave Him the mission to remove all doubt and every trace of guilt that His dear Son has laid upon himself.”

For years I've studied/read A Course in Miracles and practiced its principles of healing the mind.  It's taken me a long time to take to heart and own all the loving thoughts and Will that God holds for me.

I sat with this one to day as I read it during my devotional, and was filled with such gratitude to be aware that I have a Guide, Comforter, Helper placed within me by God Himself to help me return Home.  I could never do it alone, but I am not alone.  This is His mission!

And no matter what thoughts I may have about myself, whether it's unworthiness, guilt, shame, you name it, I can bring these to the Holy Spirit within me and ask Him to heal my perception of myself and others.  To see myself with His eyes, as I truly am.  
As I practice seeing everyone as whole and innocent, the more I realize it in myself.  As I heal others, I heal within!  Full circle.  

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

My Mantra

“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You.” Isaiah 26:3
I have memorized many quotes from the Bible and A Course in Miracles as part of my inner tool box I reach out to for daily, moment to moment remembrance of Love and especially when I face challenges.
This one in particular is like a mantra for me. In just one sentence it states so much. As I say or think each portion, I contemplate on its meaning, feeling and, with faith, I rest on the promise that is there for me....and all of us.
"You" (meaning God) "keep him" (me, you) "in perfect peace,"
I know that I want to be in perfect peace as much as possible, and it is possible. How?
"whose mind is stayed on You,". I can choose to keep my thoughts on God, Who loves me, is always with me and is changeless.
"because he trusts in You." Obviously, I need to have a relationship and connection with this Divine Being in order for me to place my trust in It. And that trust is cultivated through prayer, reading and by just asking! It is God's Will for us to be at peace and we can find it in Him.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

My God Box

There have always been in my heart prayers and requests that I know are beyond my own resolving. It's those that take God Power and Knowing to make them happen (or not) for He knows if they are in my best interest.

A few years ago I got the idea of buying a nice box where I could write down these prayers as a sense of release. I found this really nice wooden one and it's where I place, lovingly and trustingly, my prayers to God. It's those that I deeply trust He will answer and resolve in His perfect timing. 

What I do is I write down and date my request on index cards, and I say a prayer from my heart placing it in His Hands. It goes in the box. Every now and then, not too often, I return to the box, look through each request, I may say another prayer, and close it. 

Once any prayer is answered, I remove it from the box, I give thanks and discard it.

I feel this practice deepens my trust and dependence on Him.