Thursday, August 28, 2014

I Am Provided For

Sometimes I get confused reading so much everywhere about The Law of Attraction, affirmations, how to become rich, etc., etc., etc.
I wonder....what really is true?  Probably there's some truth to all of it.  To find an answer that resonates with me, that feels true to my soul, I have to go within and ask myself...what has been my experience with what I call God and provision?  How about with the Law of Attraction? 
I have to ask myself....what does becoming or being "rich" really mean to me?  Why have I never had this fervor of pursuing to make a lot of money? Some people tell me....."you have to dream BIG".....
Could it be that deep within I don't feel worthy?  Do I feel incapable? some extent. go back to the answer I mentioned above...the one I find within.

Well, my experience, very personal and particular, is that God HAS and DOES provide for me. 
There have been times when I did apply the Law of Attraction, way before I even heard of it. 
For example.  Years ago, when I was searching to buy an apartment,  I took an index card and wrote on it the following specifications regarding the desired apartment:
  • 3 - 4 specific neighborhoods
  • certain characteristics of the structure (spacious, lots of windows and light coming in, privacy, good neighbors, good structure)
  • Other particulars:  close to my parents' home, public transportation/pharmacy, etc. at a reasonable distance)
  • Affordable:  at a price I could afford and have money left over to do some repairs/restructuring
Guess what?  95% of what I wrote on that card manifested.  I was awed.
I've practiced this in another instance in my life....with a job search in the past.  Same thing.

I find this is not a doesn't always happen my way.  Why?  I don't know.  This is a pending conversation I have with God.  But I do think that ultimately, God knows what's best for me, God sees the bigger picture, I don't.  My willingness (sometimes not so willingly) to ask God to guide me to my greatest good allows me to witness these "miracles" in my life.  It could be that my willingness to allow God to provide for me (and knowing I am loved matter what), dissipates the desire to make a lot of money.

A wise friend of mine once wrote:  is money what you really want? Or is it an experience of comfort, security, adventure, or beauty that money can offer you?

I choose the experience. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lessons in Nature

This post is from a few years ago....but so worth sharing again.  The experience hasn't changed.

I take my power walks in a lovely park close to home.  I notice the trees and the rocks and the birds.  There's a lake right in the middle of the park, also.  It's beautiful to be able to enjoy so much, for free.   I love the exposure to nature.
Yesterday, I observed a little closer some of the trees that I passed as I walked .  First, I took notice of the path where I start my's like a greeting committee...of mango trees.

Just walking underneath them I felt as if I was surrounded, nurtured and greeted happily by these wonderful living beings.  I could almost sense them communicating with me.  
Walking on, I noticed one tree. It felt like it resembled me. Short, not tall.....with a chunky trunk and lots of flowers (to later turn into fruit) on its branches close to the ground. I like to think I'm like that.  My arms extended out, wanting to give to others what I've received. 
Guess what?  As I continued, I noticed another seemed to have been blown over by a storm, and most of its roots where outside the ground; yet, even though I thought it should be dead...there was life branching out of it...yes, there were flowers on its branches!!
I was amazed.  This particular tree reminded me of people we sometimes think are crippled or disabled, but even so, live full and productive to the world in their own unique way.
Funny, I walk this path almost every day....only yesterday did I take notice of all the lessons and stories Nature has to share with me. 
Thank you!!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coaching with Love

To all life and spiritual coaches, and all healers and helpers, let our words always be gentle and loving with  our clients and the people in our lives, especially ourselves.

Through my Pathways of Light Ministerial training, I experienced how gentle, loving and fear-free the Pathways teachings are.....mostly based on the principles of A Course in Miracles.

I have been so enamored by the message of love and forgiveness in A Course in Miracles. It's continuous message is that we are guiltless and sinless. Its teachings have taken all the fear out of how my experience can be.  Each time I read the material, I sense God's love and acceptance of me and of all.  I practice these principles in my everyday life, in each of my relationships.  Whenever I feel I have failed by reacting from my old nature, I am reminded from within, by my Higher Self, that it's ok...I am loved and there is no judgment.  There is no fear!!!!

I remember when I was still going through my training, my facilitator saying to me that: A teacher should never say anything that will produce fear in their students.  Oh my God, yes.  I love A Course in Miracles because I'm not afraid of anything within its message.

Once something fearful is said, it raises our defenses, creating separation and the false belief of self-protection. There really is nothing to defend.  Let us remember this as we relate with our clients and to all of life and ourselves.  May our words be empowering, uplifting, honest, always focused on who we really are!!!


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Observing What's Going on in My Head

As an observer of my thoughts, attitudes and feelings, (a practice I took on much more actively in the past few months) I "see" or identify more and more my conditioning, judgments and negative assumptions.  So many in just one day.  In one hour.

I used to wonder why I was never in joy and feeling happy in the past.  I have discovered the reason.  What goes on in my head has been rampantly running my life, affecting my well-being and keeping me in a low-level vibration for years.

I was confirmed Monday of last week my last day at work..... in 30 days.  After that, I'm unemployed.  I have to say, I felt a bit shocked.  I walked out of the room feeling a bit numb, then as the hours and days progressed feelings of resentment, comparison with my other co-workers (who will stay until end of year) surfaced and that fact put my focus on my boss making him into the bad guy.  I observed how I was feeling resentful towards him and that it was his fault and he didn't try to keep me on.  Of course, then the ego began whispering that I'm not good enough.....etc., etc., etc.

I did allow myself to feel these feelings.....what has been different is observation.  Observing takes me from feeling a victim to being an empowered being.  Knowledge.  I'm beginning to perceive what is going on in my head and I can change it.  This is on-going, and takes awareness on my part.

To be continued.....