Sunday, August 5, 2012

For a while my knees have been complaining to me.  Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don't.  I am paying the price right now for not listening to my body.
Well, after about two weeks of no exercise due to travel, I decided to go jogging twice in one week.  Yeah, I'm not supposed to jog anymore since it irritates my knees (I have beginning arthritis), and it's been hazardous in the past, so I already know.  But, I love jogging and so I went.  A few days later, my knees protested.   
Last weekend my right knee cracked (I call it cracked because that's how it sounds when it doesn't want to respond to walking); since then I have been in some pain and unable to workout or walk comfortably.
 I always do some kind of exercise, especially cardios, and because of my knees I haven't been able to even go to the gym. 
Today I decided to try going for a walk around my beautiful neighborhood.  I put on my running sneakers and walked at a comfortable pace.  I breathed in nature and felt the rain pouring down for parts of my walk (I took my umbrella)....I was enjoying myself.
During this time of enjoyment, a question came up inside me:  why don't I learn to listen to what my body is telling me?  Why do I create these health issues for myself?  I know my body needs MOVEMENT, I just need to choose wisely what works best for me.  This is with my body.
My mind, on the other hand, is very active and anxious.  As mentioned in a previous post, I constantly remind myself to return to the present moment....since my thoughts race to the past and future.  Nostalgia and anxiety/worry.  Remaining in the present, breathing deeply (when I find myself getting hyper) and dedicating daily time to meditate (to provide periods of STILLNESS for my mind) are resulting to be excellent tools to quiet my mind.
So, my body needs MOVEMENT to stay healthy, exercise that matches my body's age and needs, while my mind needs STILLNESS to stay healthy, focused and alert.  These are opportunities for me to connect to my whole being and be aware of my own unique needs!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Time Is It?

Being in the Now is a constant practice for me.  It’s truly a challenge to remain in the here and now, in the present moment.  But I know how important and meaningful it is for my peace of mind and clarity. 
So often my mind wanders into the past, remembering someone, or longing for another time, maybe when my kids were small, or having nostalgic feelings of my home town, NYC.
When it’s not in the past, then my thoughts suddenly shift into the future.  These thoughts of the future bring along feelings of uncertainty, sometimes fear, anxiety.
During my walk this morning, I started a new habit when I became aware that my thoughts were somewhere in the future, instead of focusing on my breath and the beauty of nature surrounding me. I suddenly asked myself:  Savi, what time is it?  And I came straight into….The Now!  That’s exactly what time it was.  Ahhh, I discovered that this simple question brought me back to the present moment, and I felt a sense of well-being and serenity.  This is my new practice!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Increasing Peace and Happiness

More each day I look within for my life answers, whether they be small or more significant decisions or issues.  I am learning and practicing to trust my inner voice. 
It's not always been like this.  It's taken many years of inner work, self honesty, and different practices to help me be more aware of what's really going on with my life experience.
This morning I was reading a material related to A Course in Miracles, and this phrase caught my attention:  
"Because the Holy Spirit’s direction is always towards peace, it is a life of increasing peace and happiness." 
I stopped and asked myself, "is today my life one of increasing peace and happiness?"  For the first a long time....I have to say YES! 
Doing the work on myself really works.  I've had many helpers, especially my Higher Self.  I mean, so many people have been my teachers that it would take too long to list them here; many fears, shame, and guilt have surfaced allowing me to progress towards self-acceptance, forgiveness and healing because of the numerous books, workshops, coaching program and spiritual principles I've consistently internalized.  
Awakening, enlightenment, inner healing, self-discovery, call it what you happens when we are willing to do the inner looking, the inner work, consistently and honestly.  And it's gets better and more exciting.  

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do You Have a Life Purpose?

This questions comes up a lot.  Many books have been written about it and many leaders remind us we need to have a purpose and to know it!  It almost seems like a demand (to me).  "You must find your purpose in life.  What is your purpose?" 
I spent a lot of years wanting to find my purpose. I remember when I was 17 wanting to go to a third world country as a volunteer. I had that inner drive to make a difference in the world.   Of course, that didn't happen.  Instead, I created a, I realize this is one of the highest "callings" and purpose one can have. 
Yet, that ideal of having a high purpose has followed me through the years.  I think I may have been searching for a high and mighty "calling".  Equal to "I have to do something big and important".  Of course, carrying this thought around has made me feel like I'm not there yet, (wherever that means) and that I'm not doing enough or making enough of a difference.  Do you feel this way too?
Precisely today I read a quote on Facebook reminding us to find our purpose.  This time I saw this from a different and more loving perspective. 
I see my purpose now equal to bringing something of meaning and value to wherever I am and to what I do.  If I can assist someone to feel good about themselves in some way, I feel I've fulfilled a worthy purpose. 
At work I'm cooperative, objective and balanced.  I do my best to bring solutions and not create problems. 
I do my best to be conscious of how I treat those in my life so they feel important and respected.
I find I bring light and energy to my family, my friends, coaching clients and to the groups I belong to. 
I really do make a difference and this is a high enough of a purpose.  Just because it's not "big" doesn't mean it lacks value.  Life really is about the details.