Friday, July 28, 2017

There Is So Much Information Available to Me

photo by Simon Matzinger
I believe the most fundamental purpose in this life experience is that I Know Myself.

From my childhood, through my teen years and then as an adult, I searched a lot to find my identity and my purpose; I looked for these answers in books, teachers, counseling, religion, accomplishments, and through my relationships with my parents, partners, friends, etc.

And yes, all of these shed some light; but of course this light was not too shiny because I relied too much on outside feedback.

I've lived and learned, and have really started looking within, questioning my beliefs, listening to how I feel and what I allow into my experience.  Each day I learn to gauge where I am walking in truth and where I am believing in illusions.

Knowing myself has become my number one purpose.  I now have more willingness to observe my thoughts, to question my beliefs and to sense what is Truth.  Whatever I react to without serves as information to let me know what is going on inside....many times stuff I'm not yet aware of until I actually "look".  Look not with my physical eyes but with Spirit, with my Higher Self.  All this goes on continuously, in my everyday life and in my many encounters with others at home, at work, while driving, etc.

I know myself more by becoming aware of the patterns that continue to show up in my life. My relationships and the situations I attract are a wealth of information.  I notice that many times I'm not as present as I would like to be in my daily activities and react almost automatically.

I can know myself in the everyday, simple things and moments that Life presents to me. I practice paying attention and being more aware.  No fear.  I embrace it with love and compassion.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Being With Myself

Sometimes, if not many times, I am overwhelmed by all the noise and excessive stimuli that captures my attention continuously.  It comes from social media on my iPhone or computer, from TV commercials, even in the mail I receive numerous much to read, to listen to, and to filter out.

But t's really up to me to choose what to allow into my awareness and what to filter out.  

Think on These Things is a book based on lectures by Jiddu Krishnamurti that I read many years ago. He pointed out how difficult it is for many of us to be with ourselves in a quiet environment, such as under a tree in Nature.  To just sit there.  He continued to point out how we have to have some kind of external stimulus all the time. We read a book, we turn on the TV or radio, get on our computer or iPhone to connect with social media..... in order to not feel alone?  

So, I remember that a lot and lately I'm practicing sitting in my bedroom or living room with no book, no music, no computer, no TV.  Just still, quiet...and be, for a few minutes here and there.  I'm not meditating, I'm just being with myself and paying attention.  

I admit it feels different.  It's a nice, positive feeling.  Freeing.

Monday, July 10, 2017

About The Text of A Course in Miracles

2017 began with my intention of reading and studying the Text of A Course in Miracles. It is my desire to understand the teaching of the Course and apply it to my daily life at a deeper level.  More than anything I want to become more conscious and aware of my beliefs, and practice releasing what doesn't serve me and returning to being who I truly am, as God created me!

For the past 10 years I've done the lessons 3 times and participated in several Course study groups. In these groups we've delved into the Text to find deeper meaning to the teachings, but only now have I decided to do my own self-study of it in order to allow the Holy Spirit to show me the way at a very personal level, from within, and not so much from external teachings.

I can testify that I can feel the difference in my awareness and willingness to hear Spirit's Guidance moment to moment.  My understanding has started to shift (finally) from a mental/intellectual understanding to more of an experience.  I feel more present, less defensive and willing to connect with others at a soul level, going beyond what I see with my physical eyes.  I can say that my Inner Eye is taking the lead in connecting and communicating with others, as well as with myself.

As I apply these principles at a deeper level, I realize my intrinsic worth, and that I am safe, secure, powerful, invulnerable and loved by my Creator; exactly what I've desired my entire adult life.

Each and every teaching and tool from the past has been a stepping stone leading to me to this Now in my life.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Our California Vacation--Many Blessings

My husband and I took a much-needed vacation to California last week.  Our first stop was Santa Monica where we finally met in person my dear friend Maia Berens.

My initial contact with Maia was in 2007 when I was searching online for information on life coaching. I found Maia's website,, and was quickly and naturally drawn to her as if I already knew her.

After communicating by email and a 45-minute phone conversation, I hired Maia to be my life coach.
By 2010 I graduated from the YOU University Life Coach Training Program created by Maia. We've
been online friends, colleagues, and have had weekly coaching calls for the past 9 years. 

We were both eager to meet. When we finally met, we hugged, spent quality time together over lunch, went for a walk in the park and I even got to play with her bubbly granddaughter, Juniper.

While at the park we recorded a live video on Facebook.  A truly wonderful experience! Good friends are hard to come by.  I'm glad Maia is in my life.

By the way,  I loved Santa Monica, with its quaint homes, its variety of exotic desert-like plants, beautiful gardens and lay-back lifestyle.


After, hubby and I flew to San Francisco.  This was a completely different experience.  We stayed in the downtown area and felt like we were in our hometown, NYC, only with palm trees and hills.  What an exciting, fast-paced city.  We did a lot of walking, and eating in different restaurants.

Our best culinary experience was in Chinatown at a small Chinese restaurant called House of Nanking. What a treat, a truly authentic Chinese meal.  The best we had all week.  And we went to a few fine dining restaurants.  But this beat all of them.  So, not all that glitters is gold!!

We didn't leave the downtown area because we felt at home there.  We saw many homeless people roaming the streets and gave cash to some and leftover food to others.  

Altogether, we had a wonderful time.  We are grateful we had this experience and grateful we are safely back home!