Sunday, April 21, 2019

One Problem One Solution

I always post about my own life journey and what I experience.  To say the least, I'm not perfect and far from "arriving", but I am truly willing to open up to Spirit within and be guided every single step of the way.

I know that every relationship and circumstance in my life can be used by my Inner Wisdom to teach me where I am at in my healing process. But, what is it that needs to be healed?  Well, I know for a fact that I still hold many false ideas and beliefs about myself and the world in general.

I realize that I identify with the body as if I am a body and not that I have a body.  I still have fears that I need to address, process and release because they are based on lies.  I know that Love, the eternal love that doesn't change, is the answer to each and every seeming problem.  In A Course in Miracles it states clearly that there is only one problem.....and one solution.  Basic, right?  And what is that one solution to all my problems??? 

Knowing who I am in truth.  Every time I remember to identify as a Child of God, created by Love, having all of God's attributes, and I feel it and hold it in my awareness consistently, something of the old drops away.  I realize that I am one with my Creator, that I am not separate from Him at all.  Those old beliefs I've held on to for so long, such as unworthiness, fear, guilt, shame, defensiveness, and not being enough as I am, are not true of me.  Or of anyone.  They all stem from believing we have done something terribly a very deep level. 

So far, knowing this truth and being it is still in the process of becoming one in the same.  I forget, I fail, I fear, I defend, I doubt.  But I am aware!  When these false beliefs show up, I use the tools I have learned:  I affirm I am not guilty, that I am eternally loved, that I don't need to defend myself because I am whole. I use forgiveness, which is a practice of seeing everything from a spiritual standpoint, not an ego one.

Along with affirming these truths about everyone, I find that writing about this in my journal, reading on it everyday and listening to other spiritual teachers strengthens me to be and act from this true place in me.   

Thursday, April 11, 2019

God's Perfect Peace

I love these two affirmations/verses.  They speak so dearly to my heart.  One is from the Bible and the other from the workbook lesson #148 in A Course in Miracles.  Both affirm what I believe to be true and have experienced.  God's peace is mine when I focus on His Truth.

Quite often my mind wanders off into planning, worrying, judging myself and others, comparing, or feeling like a victim; these thoughts and mental activities take my focus away from the present moment, creating stress and a sense of lack.  Here is when I remember these words and I repeat them.  I remind myself that my mind holds only God's thoughts, and that I will experience perfect peace by doing so because I trust in Him. 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Writing a Love Letter


One of the most important, useful and practical healing tools I’ve learned in YOU University Coaching is the Love Letter.

Using love letters has been extremely helpful for me to get in touch with my feelings.....those that I carry around unexpressed and that float around in my insides like an untreated virus.

I've experienced uncomfortable feelings the past few days towards someone I love very much but has crossed time and again my healthy boundaries.  Because of my difficulty in expressing uncomfortable feelings for fear of abandonment and confrontations, my old behavior has been to keep these bottled in and then obsess continuously about them, losing peace of mind.

This morning I did a love letter to process my anger towards this person.  The feelings poured out:  anger, fear, sadness, hurt....and then responsibility (mine) for creating the situation because I allowed it; then understanding, forgiveness and love!

What was magical to me about the whole process was how I became aware of my own part in the whole issue. How my old patterns of behavior, fears, guilt, wanting to feel needed and important, played a huge part in hindering my relationship with this person.  It became clear to me that I need to learn to and practice saying NO, a "NO" that comes from love, instead of a YES that is tainted with fear that then transforms into resentment and anger.    

I feel much better now because I released my feelings on paper.  The purpose of the love letter is for my own benefit, to go within and become aware of what is really going on inside me and what I need to work on and heal.

Feel free to contact me if you're interested in learning about love letters.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Taking 100% Responsibility

I have resisted taking 100% responsibility for my life experience, since it's easier to feel like a victim of circumstances and people.  This allows me to complain, to judge, to point the finger, to whine and to even defend myself.  But all of these are tricks of the ego mind to keep me precisely in a victim stance, believing I am weak and in remaining in fear.

Taking responsibility for what I experience means I choose to question my thoughts, my beliefs and see that being a victim is not that much fun and just keeps me stuck where I'm at.  And I don't want that anymore.

As I continue to study and practice A Course in Miracles principles, they become clearer, not just at an intellectual level....saying "oh yes, I get it" and repeating them, yet continuing to live in fear, lack, and at the effect of life.  The Course reminds me over and over that how I experience circumstances and people is a result of the projections of my own mind.  I am cause, not effect.  It has taken me a long time to accept this. 

I love a central theme in the course:  "My Mind Holds Only What I think with God".  I re-read it a few weeks ago and it remains very fresh in my awareness now, reminding me consistently to look at my thoughts and see if I'm thinking God thoughts or ego thoughts.  Am I peaceful, loving, joyful, secure, present in the moment, seeing beyond the illusions, or am I defensive, stressed, rushed, anxious, judging, irritated?  Well, you get the picture, right?  When I get lost in my thoughts, I remember this phrase, and sometimes I even laugh a bit, realizing how subtle and easy I fall back into fearful thoughts.  And right there, I choose again.

I am completely committed to waking up from this illusory experience of the world.  I choose God as I take responsibility for what I experience, holding the truth of what I am in my awareness moment to moment.     

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

I Step Back in Faith

Since the month of December, 2018, I have been working with a realtor in the Dominican Republic to sell a property in that country.  To say the least, it's been quite challenging.

Because I live in the USA, I was required to hire a lawyer there to represent me through the whole process, collecting all the necessary paperwork.  The Power of Attorney prepared was repeatedly declined by the title offices there.  Each time we deposited the document with the added info, they still ask for more proof of identity, which meant more money and delay.  Finally, by the end of January, we resolved and deposited all documentation at the bank processing the loan for the buyer. 

It's almost the middle of March and I am still waiting.  Waiting for the bank to finalize all legal processing of the loan so I can travel there and sign.  I have felt frustration, I've complained, inquired when everything will be finalized, with no real response, that I finally decided to let go and trust the process.  I have asked God to bless the whole thing.  And I continue waiting. 

This morning, as soon as I woke up,I was entertaining ego thoughts about the situation, planning to contact the realtor with some sarcastic comment if this will happen at all or some time this year.  But I understood that doing this would mean I was not trusting God and was taking back control of the situation. 

I decided to choose peace, step back in faith and trust God with the whole process and timing.  It will happen at the perfect time.   

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Today's A Course in Miracles lesson is #142 (a review of two previous ones).  

--I thank my Father for His gifts to me.
--Let me remember I am one with God.

So, I sat with the first statement or lesson.  I closed my eyes and began to think about this.  What are God's gifts to me?  And they came to my awareness as I said them out loud to myself.  They are so many, and so good.  I'm sure I overlooked some but the ones that were popping up like a water fountain were these:

Peace, joy, power, grace, love, abundant good, security, happiness, purpose, eternity, communion with God all the time, connection, wholeness, truth, innocence, light, wisdom, vision, guidance, freedom, oneness.    

I spent a few seconds with some of them realizing these gifts are more a state of being than what any object or person can provide.  They cannot be taken away from me, but only I can renounce or forget them. To sit with this lesson and in stillness practice what God's gifts can feel like is to remember who I am and to find what is already mine.  I realize that I already have and am all of these and it's my choice, moment to moment, to step into my true identity and experience the above.  I remember that I am one with God.  

Friday, February 15, 2019

Wow! These Course Lessons are a Mind-Digger

My blog is mostly about my own awakening and growth journey in all aspects of my life.  Especially as a life coach and minister.  As I progress with the A Course in Miracles lessons (one lesson for each day of the year), reading and applying them, my mind has loosened more regarding the world I see and how I see myself and others.

The lessons for this past week are especially mind-diggers.  That's how I feel them.  They have really made me go within to ask for Help in seeing myself and the world from this new perspective.  

Here they are:  

  • #128:  The world I see holds nothing I want.
  • #129:  Beyond this world there is a world I want.
  • #130:  It is impossible to see two worlds.
  • #131:  No one can fail who seeks to reach the truth.
  • #132:  I loose the world from all I thought it was.
I write each lesson down on an index card and focus on the lesson of the day consistently.  

For sure this world is not what I would call home at all.  That is why we are all in a constant search for happiness, for something more, knowing deeply that there has to be something better beyond this.  In the world we seem to live in as bodies, everything changes, we feel unsafe and with no security, there is no constant peace and joy.  Life is always changing.  Unexpected stuff happens.  We get sick, etc.  So, I want to believe that beyond this world there is one that I want to experience.  One where there IS peace, joy, oneness, love, safety.  But, I can't feel safe if I have contrary beliefs.  You know, yes, I believe in God and that I am loved, yet I am full of fears and defensiveness and separateness.  Two worlds.  Contrary thoughts and beliefs.  

The lessons go on to say that I can't fail to reach the truth when I am determined to find it.  As I invite these new ideas into my mind, consistently, repeatedly, the world I see is loosened from the old thought patterns that made it in the first place.  

Lesson #132 states that there really is no world out there.  My beliefs keep the world in place....beliefs are powerful you know.  I need to change my mind, embrace what this and other spiritual paths say about me and my Creator.  That we are One.  I am Love.  I was created from Love.  As I begin to change my mind, the world I see changes too.  I can even see whatever happened in my past differently, and experience a future different from the past.  

These principles are still challenging to me.  It's a complete shift in perception from what I have believed to be solid, true and unavoidable, to begin to realize that it's not real and I have the power to change my mind from ego thoughts (based on illusions because of  fear and separation) to God thoughts (based on truth, reality and Oneness).    So far, it's exciting!  

Saturday, January 26, 2019

From 3rd Dimension to 4th Dimensional Living

A few weeks ago, as I was doing my daily devotional, reading that day's A Course in Miracles lesson, I had this thought: 

  • Living and being the Course principles is like stepping out of 3D and walking into the 4th dimension.
It felt a little like those "aha" moments many speak about.  I wrote it down on an index card and it sits on my desk as a reminder.  I see it everyday while I'm working on my computer;  I may forget this for a while when I walk away, but each day I feel this more and more to be true.  

There are many other paths to awakening to our True Self other than A Course in Miracles.  They all can lead us to Truth (within), towards our innocence, peace, power and light, and so we may share it with other souls.  Peace, love and joy are states of being that we are meant to be our experience, but we have been led to believe otherwise, that we are somehow guilty, weak, victims...and as we believe, so we live this way.  

A true spiritual path will present us with new concepts that open our minds to our our true state of being.  As we thirst for truth, we can begin to trust and practice these principles and have a new experience.  I believe this is what we all return Home.  

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

God's Peace and Joy are Mine

A Course in Miracles is A spiritual curriculum of study and practice that leads us back to God, to the universal truth that we are all one in Spirit.  It's a practical course, one to be studied and practiced in our daily lives.  

This path enamored me many years ago and I have felt it's effect on my life.  The more I practice, the happier and more at peace I am.  I cannot deny it.  

The book contains three parts:  the Text, the Workbook lessons (365 lessons, one to be read and practiced each day of the year) and the Manual for Teachers.  I've been reading and practicing the lessons again, for the 5th or 6th time now and today's lesson opened up a new understanding of God's gifts to me, and to all of us.  

These gifts are eternal and universal, and they come from Love and can never be taken away from us.  We can deny them and become unaware of them due to our identification with physical form, but they are here and now, within us.  These gifts (among many others) are PEACE and JOY.  

As I begin to practice the lessons by consistently allowing myself to be what they say that I am in truth (a Child of God, innocent, whole, unlimited, etc.) and let go of my old self-concept in form, (limited, unworthy, guilty, etc.), I start to see others in the same light, not as a body, but as their True Self, whole, unlimited, innocent.  

The really funny thing is the more I practice by reminding myself that God's peace and joy are mine and extend these gifts to others, the more joy and peace I experience.  The more I give, the more I receive.  It really works.