Friday, February 28, 2020

The Truth Will Set You Free

The true meaning of this Bible verse reveals itself to me as I deepen my study of spiritual principles. What truth is it referring to?
I believe it's KNOWING my true nature, which is spirit, and understanding what that really encompasses. This statement/affirmation relates to the truth about my identity. My real identity. Not the self-image I believe I am (a body, a daughter, a doctor, etc.), but beginning to "know" I am eternal, created by God with all of God's attributes. This changes how I feel about myself....and others.
My part now is to accept this truth, to know it, to be it. In my quiet time with God (and sometimes during the day in my thoughts) I ask Spirit to help me remember this truth, especially when I fall back to believing I am weak, fearful, lacking.
Take a moment. Just a moment. And feel that truth within you. Imagine living your day from this vision of yourself and of others. You are a Child of God. Eternal. Loved. Spirit. Whole. Provided for. Never alone. Changeless!! It is freeing.
Step into your true identity! Breathe it in. Write it down. Repeat it. Ask God to reveal this to you. It's a game-changer.