Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions?

This is my last blog for 2010....more to come in 2011.  I will continue to share here the lessons I learn about my Self and Life with all who are interested and drawn to this blog.

Whenever there's a new year approaching, our energy gets invested in making resolutions, and that's just great.  Life is an ongoing process of evolution, growth and change.
I believe New Year goals and resolutions are important and help us focus and take steps in the direction we feel our life needs to progress. 
I already thought about my own (resolutions), and even wrote them down in my new agenda for the coming year.  Unlike many of my hi-techie fellow humans, I prefer my hard copy agenda vs. an electronic one. 
This year, my list is pretty short.  I'm not intending to DO alot.  My intention is to BECOME more of my Self.  I intend to learn to get in touch with as many of those feelings I have been avoiding most of my life.  So, I resolve to:
  • be more Aware of what's going on inside of me
  • pay more Attention to the Now
  • meditate more and sit with myself and my feelings/thoughts
  • practice and learn to be with Life just as it is, to the best of my capacity.  This will entail less complaining, judging and escaping.
Besides all of the above, my list has a few more items.....painting classes, register in a two-year ministry program...not much more than that.  If I create too much activity (doing) then I will drift away from experiencing the right Now!!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

In God There is No Lack

A prayer on behalf of all people willing to work:
Dear God, as your children, we trust You are our true Provider….all our needs are met in and through You.  It is not from an employer/spouse or any other source that we trust our provision to come from.
We are here with our God-given talents, skills and willingness to work.  We are productive and dignified beings.  We are the Light of the world.  We do our part and You do Yours. 
We will not believe what the world out there says: 
  • there is lack, or 
  • you have no credentials, or 
  • you are overqualified, or 
  • you are under-qualified,
we affirm:  we are whole in You.  Somewhere our unique talents and abilities are needed and valued.  We are not at the expense of unappreciative employers/clients…we are in Your hands, Father.  We trust you guide us to our greatest good!!!  We affirm: THERE IS NO LACK!!  WE ARE WHOLE IN YOU!!!  And so it is!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

How I Perceive the World

As I learn to apply the principles of A Course in Miracles to my daily life, and moment to moment, I start to understand many small details of my life today.
I see how much I played the victim.  How much I've complained about past jobs, relationships, situations.
As I walk on my own personal path and am willing to see within, to work with who I've been, where I come from, I understand I am where I am as a result of how I thought in the past.  And even so, God is benevolent with me.  It's not all bad, I have not been all complaining either.
It's important for me to take this time today to apply new thought patterns, to work at seeing myself as I truly am, a son of God.  It's been a mind blower to read and read and read over and over that the world I see has been created by my thoughts and perceptions.  This is a totally opposite concept from anything I have ever learned before.  My parents didn't know that, my teachers never taught me this.  I never heard this in church.  Maybe the bible teaches it, but I was not taught to see myself or the world this way.
I also realize I have a blessed and huge responsibility.  As I shift my thoughts and so my perception of the world, it is only natural that I interact with my world and the people in it from a new place.  A place of Love, of Light, of forgiveness.  This might just be how we go about changing the world. 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Job Searching @ 55?

Job searching in today's world is an experience.  It's even more so at 55!!  I so realize how much I'm changing as I mature.
When I faced the reality that it was time to look for work, it felt unpleasant.  It was a process I did not want to go through.  I feel that by now I have proven myself as a career woman after 30 years of working experience.  To have to start all over has not been something easily digested by me.
Ok, so, let the applying on line begin.
After numerous email responses from HR computers from companies responding that they found a candidate that better fits the position's qualifications, I get calls from a few recruiters, and a few companies.
Interviewing.  Gotta study the company.  Make sure I have a professional demeanor.  Stay positive.  Know the right answers and the right questions.
The questions:  what is your greatest strength?  What is your weakness?  Describe a day in your previous job.  How many words do you type?  Tell me about yourself.  Why did you leave this job?  And that job?
With each interview I go to, I get the impression that the whole corporate world is really for young workers.  These are some of the words that describe today's world:  Go-getters, multi-tasking, fast-paced environments, willingness to work overtime, constant change.  I get stressed just from reading that.   This is what I bring:  mindfulness, wisdom, balance, 30 years of experience, and much more.  Maybe I don't fit anymore.  
It's been an experience of growth for me.  I have gone from "I don't want to do this anymore" to "God, you guide me.  Show me what lessons I need to learn from this whole process.  You know my talents and skills and where I can be of service.  Please take me there."
Choosing on a day to day basis to trust God and believe He's present in each step has eased my apprehension in the whole process.   I know what feels right for me, He knows and sees the bigger picture.  Together we can make some good happen here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Life Coaching is a Vocation

I am a Life Coach by vocation.  What does that mean?  That I coach naturally.
  • When at work it's so natural and easy for me to train others, to explain to them new procedures, and to encourage my coworkers when they feel they've made a mistake.
  • At my spiritual community:  as a volunteer woman's counselor, I've used my natural God-given gifts to connect at the soul level to understand their experience as best I can. When it's time to speak, I allow the words to come from a place of love and objectivity.
  • Friends.  My friends come to me for non-judgmental support.  I hear them, I really listen, and do my best to understand their feelings and issues.  When I speak, I always try to do it from that same place of unconditional love that I mention above, trying to see things from a higher perspective.
So, even though right at this moment I am not immersed in a coaching practice, I know wherever I go, wherever God sends me, I will bring all that I've learned to be light and to support, motivate and empower those I come into contact with.