Sunday, June 23, 2013


This is a blog about my personal self-discovery journey.  I abandon it for periods of time.  How unfortunate, because each and every day, as I become more self-aware, I learn more about myself and realize where I need healing. It's worth sharing even if only one person out there reads my posts.  Someone may identify and connect with my experience and be motivated to continue on!
I have a habit of creating and attracting situations where I feel stuck.  Over and over (as I look back) I see this tendency repeating itself in my life. I feel stuck in relationships, at jobs, I commit to certain groups and then feel stuck.  Even decision-making is an area I feel stuck in.  I can't seem to tap into what I really want and I go around in circles a lot. 

This stuck feeling creates a sense of suffocation and high anxiety in my insides.  Many times I've run away from the situation and have not resolved it; might just be why it keeps repeating and showing up.
Now that I'm more aware of this tendency of mine, I'm careful what I commit myself to.  This is an area that needs focus and healing and taking responsibility on my part.  It's not going to resolve itself by me running away. 
Somehow, this habit is linked to my fear of confrontation and fearing the eventual results of speaking my own truth.  These are aspects of me that also need awareness and healing. I am more than willing to bring these shadow parts into the Light.  I know I first need to acknowledge them without judgment and work to release them.