Tuesday, October 27, 2020

From Anxiety to Peace


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I use practical tools based on spiritual principles that help keep my thoughts in check and return my focus to what is real and true when I have fallen into old thinking habits.  

Curiously, as I watch my thoughts, I notice how much of them are recycled, from the past, judgmental, with no real substance nor connection to the present moment and alien to God-inspired thinking.  These intrusive thoughts seem to rise up from my subconscious to be acknowledged and released, which I’m learning to do as I focus on what is true about me and the situation.  Truth heals.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling very anxious about one of my children’s life situation, constantly thinking about their situation.  I realized this concern and fearful thinking was not helpful and had robbed me of my peace, and more importantly, had detoured my thinking away from faith.  I remembered the truth: God is our loving Father and our true Provider, and the Holy Spirit is in all of us as our Guide, Helper and Comforter.  Bingo.  As I PRAYED and THOUGHT IN THIS MANNER consistently (these are some of the practical, spiritual tools), the anxiety subsided.

Whenever I feel anxious, I check what I am allowing in my mind and remind myself of what is true.  This helps me return to peace.  I may need to do this repeatedly, but I am certain to return to love, truth and peace.