Sunday, August 5, 2012

For a while my knees have been complaining to me.  Sometimes I listen and sometimes I don't.  I am paying the price right now for not listening to my body.
Well, after about two weeks of no exercise due to travel, I decided to go jogging twice in one week.  Yeah, I'm not supposed to jog anymore since it irritates my knees (I have beginning arthritis), and it's been hazardous in the past, so I already know.  But, I love jogging and so I went.  A few days later, my knees protested.   
Last weekend my right knee cracked (I call it cracked because that's how it sounds when it doesn't want to respond to walking); since then I have been in some pain and unable to workout or walk comfortably.
 I always do some kind of exercise, especially cardios, and because of my knees I haven't been able to even go to the gym. 
Today I decided to try going for a walk around my beautiful neighborhood.  I put on my running sneakers and walked at a comfortable pace.  I breathed in nature and felt the rain pouring down for parts of my walk (I took my umbrella)....I was enjoying myself.
During this time of enjoyment, a question came up inside me:  why don't I learn to listen to what my body is telling me?  Why do I create these health issues for myself?  I know my body needs MOVEMENT, I just need to choose wisely what works best for me.  This is with my body.
My mind, on the other hand, is very active and anxious.  As mentioned in a previous post, I constantly remind myself to return to the present moment....since my thoughts race to the past and future.  Nostalgia and anxiety/worry.  Remaining in the present, breathing deeply (when I find myself getting hyper) and dedicating daily time to meditate (to provide periods of STILLNESS for my mind) are resulting to be excellent tools to quiet my mind.
So, my body needs MOVEMENT to stay healthy, exercise that matches my body's age and needs, while my mind needs STILLNESS to stay healthy, focused and alert.  These are opportunities for me to connect to my whole being and be aware of my own unique needs!