Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Be the Light of the World

In the wee hours this morning, in between asleep and awake states, I had an experience of conversing with God.
I'm not sure how He appeared to me, but I felt His Presence for sure. It was loving, and all-encompassing.
I remember telling him how distraught I felt with the whole global virus situation is affecting so many people in so many ways. My heart was (and is) heavy and I asked Him to do something, please. I have been praying His help consistently. And I felt He came to me to address my prayer request.
As I poured my heart out, I remember Him asking me to hold the light for the world, and to do it consistently. God was very direct and clear that I needed to see and hold the world in His light, to stay strong and that was my part in this situation.
That is what I recall of the experience. I woke with a sense of well-being, peace and gratitude.