Sunday, June 17, 2012

Increasing Peace and Happiness

More each day I look within for my life answers, whether they be small or more significant decisions or issues.  I am learning and practicing to trust my inner voice. 
It's not always been like this.  It's taken many years of inner work, self honesty, and different practices to help me be more aware of what's really going on with my life experience.
This morning I was reading a material related to A Course in Miracles, and this phrase caught my attention:  
"Because the Holy Spirit’s direction is always towards peace, it is a life of increasing peace and happiness." 
I stopped and asked myself, "is today my life one of increasing peace and happiness?"  For the first a long time....I have to say YES! 
Doing the work on myself really works.  I've had many helpers, especially my Higher Self.  I mean, so many people have been my teachers that it would take too long to list them here; many fears, shame, and guilt have surfaced allowing me to progress towards self-acceptance, forgiveness and healing because of the numerous books, workshops, coaching program and spiritual principles I've consistently internalized.  
Awakening, enlightenment, inner healing, self-discovery, call it what you happens when we are willing to do the inner looking, the inner work, consistently and honestly.  And it's gets better and more exciting.