Thursday, December 28, 2017

Staying in the Present Moment

The effect of BEING present and engaged in the experience or activity at hand is a feeling of inner peace.  Stress seems to melt away and dissipate from the mind as we choose to be aware of where we are at in this present moment. 

It can feel as if the past and the future are not pulling at our attention; our thoughts become still as we focus on the here and now.  A Course in Miracles actually states that "The present moment is the closest approximation of eternity."

This, of course, is a practice.  It needs our deliberate willingness to choose to stay present.  It works each and every time.  Whether we are washing dishes, driving, eating, showering, and especially in our interactions with others, being mindful and present are very important in order to feel alive and engaged.  This has also to do with connection.  Yes.  Being connected to our experience, others, and most importantly to our Self.  How else can we really get to know ourselves if we are not present with the "I" that is within??

Monday, December 11, 2017

What a Journey!

I have been on this spiritual journey for a long time now.  During my younger years I was pretty active as a Catholic. I did my First Communion and Confirmation.  I loved going to the neighborhood church during non-mass hours, when the church was empty, light a real candle (not those they have now that are light bulbs), kneel and pray to the Christ.  I would pour my heart out, cry, ask for help, and by the time I left, I felt lighter, knowing I had been heard.

Once I entered my late teen years, I drifted away from religion, later to feel the desire for God again.  In a matter of about 4-years time, I got involved with the Jehova's Witnesses and the Mormon church.  But it wasn't there I would find what I was looking for...not really knowing exactly what I was searching for....I knew something was missing in my life, but I didn't know what it was.

At the age of 30, I fell into a deep, dark depression. My life became very challenging between a full-time job, 3 small children, and a very stressful relationship with my then husband.  I lost my appetite, I couldn't sleep, I had panic attacks; I thought I was going crazy.  Honestly.

As I searched to find answers about what was wrong with me, I consulted a mental health professional who explained how my childhood and stressful lifestyle was affecting my brain chemistry.  What a relief to find out I was not going crazy!

I found this small Christian group called Theo-therapy Center where I was embraced by a loving community and started my 20-year journey in Christianity. As I practiced of trust, prayer and affirming the truth of Bible verses, in a matter of 3 - 4 months the depression and its side effects lifted.  What a learning experience!

After, I found a wonderful Evangelical Church where I stayed for about 12 years.  My relationship with my Creator deepened and so did my faith.

Since then I've experienced many life changes and even more spiritual growth.  My children are adults now (and are wonderful beings), I have remarried (to a loving partner), and I moved back to the USA. I do not belong to any organized religion anymore.  Yet every person, event and group I have met, joined, or belonged to has enriched my path towards awakening. 

I am now serving as a life coach and minister.  Opening up to different spiritual paths such as Unity, A Course in Miracles and Christian Science, I discover that Truth has been around for ages and shared by a myriad of seeds planted and waiting to be found by us.  Truth is not new, it's not a trend, it's not exclusive of any religion.  It is eternal and universal.

We are all searching for something we think is missing in us.  I know I was.  I thought I was lost (and that's how it felt in this world); but I wasn't lost, I was asleep.  Once introduced to glimpses of Truth, I have continued finding those seeds of Love, Light, Peace, Joy, waking up to all that I am, and you are too....and having a deeper communion with my Creator.  God. 

The real challenge is staying true to myself and grounded!  Maybe I'll write a book someday!