Sunday, April 21, 2019

One Problem One Solution

I always post about my own life journey and what I experience.  To say the least, I'm not perfect and far from "arriving", but I am truly willing to open up to Spirit within and be guided every single step of the way.

I know that every relationship and circumstance in my life can be used by my Inner Wisdom to teach me where I am at in my healing process. But, what is it that needs to be healed?  Well, I know for a fact that I still hold many false ideas and beliefs about myself and the world in general.

I realize that I identify with the body as if I am a body and not that I have a body.  I still have fears that I need to address, process and release because they are based on lies.  I know that Love, the eternal love that doesn't change, is the answer to each and every seeming problem.  In A Course in Miracles it states clearly that there is only one problem.....and one solution.  Basic, right?  And what is that one solution to all my problems??? 

Knowing who I am in truth.  Every time I remember to identify as a Child of God, created by Love, having all of God's attributes, and I feel it and hold it in my awareness consistently, something of the old drops away.  I realize that I am one with my Creator, that I am not separate from Him at all.  Those old beliefs I've held on to for so long, such as unworthiness, fear, guilt, shame, defensiveness, and not being enough as I am, are not true of me.  Or of anyone.  They all stem from believing we have done something terribly a very deep level. 

So far, knowing this truth and being it is still in the process of becoming one in the same.  I forget, I fail, I fear, I defend, I doubt.  But I am aware!  When these false beliefs show up, I use the tools I have learned:  I affirm I am not guilty, that I am eternally loved, that I don't need to defend myself because I am whole. I use forgiveness, which is a practice of seeing everything from a spiritual standpoint, not an ego one.

Along with affirming these truths about everyone, I find that writing about this in my journal, reading on it everyday and listening to other spiritual teachers strengthens me to be and act from this true place in me.   

Thursday, April 11, 2019

God's Perfect Peace

I love these two affirmations/verses.  They speak so dearly to my heart.  One is from the Bible and the other from the workbook lesson #148 in A Course in Miracles.  Both affirm what I believe to be true and have experienced.  God's peace is mine when I focus on His Truth.

Quite often my mind wanders off into planning, worrying, judging myself and others, comparing, or feeling like a victim; these thoughts and mental activities take my focus away from the present moment, creating stress and a sense of lack.  Here is when I remember these words and I repeat them.  I remind myself that my mind holds only God's thoughts, and that I will experience perfect peace by doing so because I trust in Him.