Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Continued Meditation

I have remained committed to my meditation practice for more than two weeks.  Once daily for now.

It's still challenging to remain focused on my breath.  The observer in me has gained some presence as I watch where my awareness goes while just sitting.  My intention is to be in the present moment....and I see what occurs in my mind; it is preoccupied with planning, doing, thinking and my body is tense.

As I become aware of this, I no longer label it as wrong or bad.  I simply observe it and come back to the breath.  My observer develops with each practice.  Mindfulness and no judgment on myself becomes my choice.  This is part of self-love and self-acceptance with what is.

I look forward to meditation now and connecting with myself in stillness.  

Friday, October 7, 2016


A few weeks ago I began a meditation practice.  I've been consistent at sitting on my mat, 20 minutes daily.  Several times in the past I've tried it but always strayed away and never got around to creating a conscious, consistent habit.  I'd skip it if I didn't feel I had the time, and if I did meditate, it was usually in a rush. 

I've not committed to meditating in the morning before starting my busy day.  I light a candle, do a healing prayer and I sit straight. I focus on my breath, in and out, deep breaths.  A few seconds into the practice, my mind wanders to planning ahead, to what I'm going to do as soon as I am through meditating, or it focuses on a conversation I need to have; without me even realizing it, thoughts, thoughts, thoughts all over the place have taken over my attention.  I forgot the breathing.  Ahhh, then I become aware and I return to the breath.

So far, this has been most of my meditation practice.  I am getting better at it, being consistent, noticing my thoughts, returning to the breath, and being still.

The purpose of my practice is to take time out from doing, doing, doing, and focus more on being in the present moment, quiet, going within, observing what's going on in my mind, and to be aware of what I'm believing and giving reality to.

What I learn and gain during my practice goes with me throughout the day.  Moment to moment I am becoming more aware of what thoughts, feelings and beliefs are at the forefront of my mind.  Giving more awareness to my observer helps me to choose better and healthier ways of allowing Life to be as it is.  I don't feel the need to be so much in control.  There seems to be more inner peace taking the place of all the mind chatter.  

Meditation is surely becoming a part of my life.