Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Brain, My Spirituality & Me

I am a curious soul.  Because I've dealt with chronic mild depression and anxiety since my teens, I've spent most of my life reading material on the subjects and have grown increasingly interested in spirituality also.  The bottom line is I've been wanting to know myself as best I can while at the same time being scared of what I might find inside me.
Many sources have been inspiring and of much help in the practical aspect of managing these conditions. 
The movie What the Bleep Do We Know introduced me, among other concepts, to the scientific knowledge of how parts of my brain works.  I now understand (a little bit) how a life-long thought pattern creates neuronets in the brain and these secrete certain chemicals as a reaction to thoughts/situations...ergo REACTIONS.  These become automatic. 
Studying A Course in Miracles has made me aware of how harmful and exclusive the ego thought system is. This is a practical course in learning to change the way I see the world and myself.  So, I am the cause and not the effect.  I need to work on changing my state of mind in order to change my reality.  I can choose.  I believe practicing this can create new neuronets based on peaceful and living thoughts.
I've read a few books on Zen and meditation.  Sit, quiet the mind, breathe, observe the thoughts.  They are not who I really am.  This is not my real Self.  Automatically, I am seeing how these thoughts that used to scare me to death are losing power over me. This practice can also have a positive effect on my brain by creating new neuronets.
I've listened to channelings also. And I exercise.  I pray.  I have a relationship with God. 
I have learned all the above little by little....because I'm curious and investigative.  I look here and read there.  I ask questions, I go to groups, I read alot of books, go to workshops.  And, I feel the need to blog about it hoping others will read this and maybe benefit from it. 
What I would love and appreciate is to find a source, one source, a compilation of all this knowledge that is being put out there, find it in one book or one organization.  How helpful and integrating this would be.  To explain it all in such a way that the information would be in one place!!!