Sunday, May 21, 2017

Find the Gift in Every Situation

I promise to stay true to myself even if that means disappointing another.

I wrote this statement as a commitment to myself early this year during a women's retreat.

In the YOU University coaching program, I learned many tools for processing my emotions and to discover repressed fears, in order to learn from my life experiences instead of feeling like a victim.  These tools are practical and as I continue to use them, they change my life all for the better.

Finding the Gift in every situation is one of them. Just recently I had the opportunity to apply this tool.

A few weeks ago I decided to take on a new activity in my life, believing I would enjoy doing it. I accepted the challenge because it sort of fell into my lap without much effort. But now I realize that it is not what it seemed to be; because I consider myself responsible, I'm having a hard time communicating to the other party my decision to not provide my services anymore.

Once again, I realize that it's still difficult for me to honor my feelings and desires when I have to disappoint someone else.  Many times in the past I've stayed in situations that have been detrimental to my peace of mind.  

This time, and moving forward, I choose to care for myself and to stay true to Me.  Thank you for the gift that has been revealed to help me heal and become more of who I truly am!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ego Has a Hard Time With Uncertainty

Ego has a very hard time with change and uncertainty.  I know I have felt this.....and am more aware of this now than ever before.

Ego thrives on feeling secure, in control, and being able to prepare for (thinking it knows) the future.

Whether it's life insurance, health insurance, property insurance, flood insurance, retirement savings, even some relationships, these can all be a means of creating a sense of security.....and the list goes on and on.  I don't deny that in the dream world we live in, many of these seem to proved a sense of security. I surely do.  But change is a given in this world.  And change does bring a sense of not knowing.  That's just the way it is.

Change can be an unsettling experience.  Whether it's a new job, a move to a new city, state or residence, I have felt a certain anxiety and uncertainty when confronted with these experiences.

But lately I've become more aware of my true being and let go of old fear-based beliefs.  I feel more at ease and trusting that all is well. Realizing this is truly a dream, I don't take myself nor the stuff that seems to happen so seriously!

My life is now much more enjoyable and peaceful!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

What I Really Want

Over and over I have been taught that I need to know what I want in order to reach my goals and fulfill my dreams.

Well, I'm not sure why, but I've never really known what it is that I want to do. I do believe there are some people who are very defined in their passions, but honestly, I'm not one of them.  Not in the worldly sense at least.

Since an early age, I had a natural inclination to teaching, motivating, helping others.  I was extremely curious about life, God, spirituality in general, and how we humans fit into the whole equation.  This still remains true.  

I remember in high school I wanted to be a psychologist , a policewoman, a flight attendant, but I didn't follow any of those paths. My life just turned out differently.

As a teen, I always wanted to have 3 children. By my 20th birthday, I was married, and in the next few years I became the mother of 3 wonderful children.  I can say that this has been a wonderful and fulfilling experience.

Other than that, now at 62, I still can't say I know what I want.  I've come to know what I don't want. The sense of confinement, being boxed in and having to conform definitely do not resonate with me. After almost 40 years of working in corporations as an Administrative Professional, I know what that's like.

Lesson #24 of A Course in Miracles is titled:  I Do Not Perceive My Best Own Best Interests, and it's about this.  I don't really know what is the best path for me, I don't really know what would make me happy in any given situation.  I have no real guide to appropriate action, only what is determined by my perception.  As a Minister and Life Coach, I know that as I connect with others, help them remove the blocks in their minds that keep them stuck and in fear.....I also help myself.

More than ever, my practice and goal now is to ALLOW God through my Higher Self to show me the way.  As a teacher of God, I need to trust that I am being guided, lovingly, step by step, to what is in my best interest in each situation.  I want this.  It's peaceful, it feels secure, and it allows me to deepen my relationship with God and myself.  This is all that I know that I really want.

Monday, April 10, 2017

La Experiencia de la Consejería Para Acceder la Sabiduría Interna

La Consejería para Acceder la Sabiduría Interna se enfoca en permitir que tu Sabiduría Interna nutra tu crecimiento espiritual y te ayude a sanar de la manera que sea mejor PARA TI!
  • Estás experimentando un hábito indeseable que parece controlarte?
  • Sientas ansiedad, temor, ira y parezca que no puedes liberarte de ello?
  • Tu mente regresa una y otra vez a revisar alguna escena que te perturba y te crea malestar?
  • Estás experimentando una enfermedad?
  • Sientes que algo en tu vida necesita cambiar?
Este proceso prepara el escenario para que puedas observar los "conjuntos de pensamientos" inconscientes que pueden estar causando estos estados mencionados y otros mas.  

Como tu consejera en esta sesión, facilito el proceso para ayudarte a que te conectes con tu paz interna, y accesar la percepción de tu Sabiduría Interna, y así crear mayor consciencia para que puedes ver claramente, viendo más allá de las barreras auto-creadas, dando un paso importante en tu proceso de despertar a tu verdadero ser!

En la sesión recibirás ayuda para conectarte con tus recursos internos y abrir tus canales de comunicación interna.  

Tuesday, March 21, 2017


"Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists."

This is one of my favorite quotes from A Course in Miracles. It's deep, and a reminder to me to be focused only on what is true.  Anything other than Truth is but an illusion, made up and with no meaning.

Thinking is always going on in my mind.  All sorts of thoughts pop up in my head....meaningless thoughts, fearful ones, worries, planning, ....most not connected to who I really am and keeping me mindlessly busy and detached from my present moment.

By remembering the above quote, I return to the NOW.  It reminds me that any fearful thought is not coming from my Real Self, it's not true and I can choose to release it once I'm aware. When worry thoughts pop up, I again remind myself that nothing real can be threatened.

Peace is always the result of this practice.  

Friday, March 10, 2017

Responsibility For the Life We Experience

Spiritual leaders and wise ones have stated so many times that we humans are all one and connected at our deepest level.  Because of this oneness that unites us, what we do to or desire for others we also do to ourselves; yet, so many, if not the majority, of us choose to remain in a state of separateness by judging, rejecting, even hating others.

You would think that awareness of this truth would motivate each of us to practice kindness, understanding, being non-judgmental, whether it’s a political figure, our spouse, boss, a family member, or neighbor.  But not so. 

Today, with all the access to global and local information at our fingertips, we allow ourselves to be overcome with fear and division. Sometimes I too find myself being critical, angry, and even rejecting another and I miss an opportunity to practice being loving, connecting, and understanding. 

I have come to believe that all these negative feelings are stored and accumulated in our subconscious and eventually show up in our bodies as physical ailments. 

I’m not writing about anything new.  I’m sure we have all read or heard about this in other material, whether scientific or spiritual.  Our bodies (and our lives) are a reflection of what we entertain in our consciousness (thoughts, beliefs). 

Many of us are becoming more aware of this reality.  With this awareness, we can choose to move away from negative conversations, writings, or interactions and not allow fear to continue separating us.  

I move that we start more than ever to practice a more loving and healing way of being.  Let’s choose to see beyond the error, beyond what we perceive as obnoxious behavior and see the true being behind the personality.  This takes practice and a willingness to let go of our desire to be right and special.      

We have so much power to create a more loving experience instead of one of fear and separation.  Let’s not “fight against” anything but “work towards” the good.  

I’m considering starting an online group with those that feel the same as I, where we join to bless, to share goodness, loving truths, and then witness the shift within us and around us.  Let us remind each other that we have the power to change our experience as we choose to see from a more loving perspective.  YOU AND I ARE ONE. 

Let’s start taking responsibility for the life we experience and be mindful of it!!!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Self Empowerment Through Life Coaching

Many of us turn to others to find answers and meaning for our lives.  We put our faith in: 
  • A guru to tell us what to do to be happy (self esteem)
  • A doctrine to show us what rules to follow to get to Heaven (spiritual meaning)
  • The media to tell us what car, house, body-building discipline, food, etc., to buy to find acceptance (self image)
So many people and organizations telling us what to do with our lives that we can't hear ourselves.  All the noise deafens our Inner Voice. 

Ultimately, only My Real Self truly knows what is best for me.  My point?  I need to learn to go within, be still and listen.  How can someone from the outside know what is right for me?  Well, they don't.

As a ministerial counselor and life coach, my role is to motivate you, hold you accountable, guide you back to your Real Self.  A good coach assists you back Home, within and creates the environment in the relationship to help you see you are responsible for your life.  You have choices that are right just for you.  A life coach holds YOU accountable for what you commit to.  A good coach mirrors back to you what you may be running away from and need to deal with.

With a life coach, it's going back to basics.  Back to YOU.
Then, if you choose to do so, you go to church, you buy the new car, you get the huge house, but not out of fear of "not being enough", but because YOU consciously choose this because it feels right for you!!

You are self empowered and responsible.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

What Do I Want

I share this post from a few years ago because it's still relevant and can inspire others to work with this exercise.

I discovered something at a very deep level while doing a spiritual practice for the past 6 days.

The practice is titled:

What Do I Want

I close my eyes, and ask myself this question....I allow the responses to come from deep within.  I  repeat this several times, closing my eyes, feeling what comes up in images, feelings or sensations and then write them down.
At the end of 7 consecutive days I am to re-read these 7 pages highlighting what desires are consistent.  These are my true desires and what I need to focus on when making decisions.

I am on day 6 today but I already see the pattern. What is coming up strongly is:
  • the feeling of wanting to be me, to express myself
  • to share and have companionship
  • to work independently and with flexibility 
  • abundance 
This morning I pondered on where did this desire originate,what triggered it.  It came to my awareness immediately.

My mom, who did her best to raise me, was extremely controlling of me.  I was not allowed to go out to play, I couldn't sit on the floor and get dirty, I was not allowed to go to parties as a teenager, she walked me to school until I was 12 (very embarrassing in front of my friends)....all this controlling went on and on until I left home @ 20 to get married.  It was a hasty decision made to get out of the house.
There have been other similar experiences in my life, generated by me because of this pattern.  At 18 we moved to Dominican Republic,and  it was very difficult having to conform to a completely different culture (I was born and raised in NYC in the '60s / 70's), so I felt like a fish out of water for years and years and did my best to fit in.  Never did.

Doing this exercise and becoming aware of how intensely I've denied my Self helps me to love and honor my desires moving forward and make choices more aligned with who I truly am inside and not "what is expected of me".  I understand better why I am unhappy at most jobs I've had.   Very few have allowed me to blossom and grow and express my talents.....most have not.  My desire to create my own business is rooted in this.

This is one more step going home, which is truly within. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I am surrounded by the most amazing, supportive people.  Their motivation continuously sparks my inspiration (motivation from without, inspiration from within), especially at this time, when I’m in a transitional phase shifting from an employee mindset to one of creating my own business as a minister and life coach.

I am grateful for my husband, Sig; his loving support and belief in me inspires and allows me to focus on my business and on being creative, with no pressure.  Thank you for seeing me with loving eyes and heart and reminding me daily of all the talents and gifts I have to share with the world.  I appreciate you rooting for me as I step into this new chapter in my life.

I am so grateful for my son, Norman, who sees me as a champion and continuously reminds me of my power.  He also inspires me to persevere with healthy habits, reminding me consistently of the importance of exercise, healthy eating and staying active both mentally and physically.  Witnessing his own blossoming and healing process has been inspirational indeed.  Thank you Norm!!!

Then there are my daughters, Savi and Deborah, who also inspire me as they remind me always how important I am in their lives.  Thank you for teaching me through your own life experiences.  You are both strong, creative women who have reached incredible heights through focus and perseverance

Thank you Maia, my friend, coach, and teacher! I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement throughout the years.  You have always been a real support for me.  Your life is truly an inspiration and you have taught me so much!!!
I am truly blessed by you all.  Your presence, love and support motivate, inspire and uplift me.  I cannot overemphasize the importance of having supportive people who nurture your inspiration to become your very best self!
I love you!!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Opening the Closet Door to My Feelings

On my ongoing journey to self-awareness and inner healing, I've learned that feelings need to be felt and acknowledged, shame has to be worked out and released, and guilt is a useless and self-defeating emotion.

In the past I had read about these concepts, yet, reading about them and working with them were two different things.

In the You University Life Coach Training program I learned one of the most in-depth exercises and tools for healing my inner child. It was about writing "my story".  It required I go back to the ages of 7, 14, 21 in stages of 7 years until the present and feel my feelings as if I was there at that time.

This process took me a while (there was a part of me resistant to this work), doing much probing and self-inquiry; it took courage and willingness to look at many painful, repressed memories.  Today I would compare this process to opening a closet door that's been closed for many years--a closet filled with a lot of "very old stuff", and finally going through the "stuff", choosing to keep only what is of value while letting go what doesn't serve anymore.

This process was very healing and I still use it whenever anxious or fearful thoughts and feelings spring up inside me.  I sit with my feelings, I observe them, and I can say:  "aaahhh, this thought is coming from that closet again" and simply, let it be.  I ask this thought really true? 

Opening that closed closet door and allowing the old stuff to come into the Light brings me to a peaceful inner state each and every time.  

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Importance of Having A Caring Support System

Having a caring support system is priceless.

It's a true blessing to have one or two really good friends to confide in and be vulnerable with knowing you'll be heard, supported and not judged.

I have friends I can count on when experiencing challenges and feel  I need support or honest feedback.  Some are close by while others are thousands of miles away.  Yet, through the internet or phone we connect and nurture each other.

I am also blessed to be part of a wonderful online group whose members are YOU University life coaches; on our weekly calls we join to share what's going on in our outer and inner lives.  We support each other as we listen with an open heart and mind to happy, joyful and many times sad and painful events any of us may be experiencing.  At the end of each call we all feel empowered, relieved and connected.

Whether it's a close relative, friend, coach or support group, there are times we all need that loving support to hold our hand during a tough challenge or to celebrate our breakthroughs!

Monday, January 2, 2017

God Has Given Me Everything

God Has Given Me Everything!  What a statement!  This is what A Course in Miracles says about God and me and you!

The Course also states that I am everything and I have everything.  Yet this has not been my experience here in life.  It seems like I am always striving to get somewhere, to be something more and better than what I am because I'm not enough.

When I read these sentences a few days ago I had to stop and allow them to sink into my mind.  How can this concept be so alien to what I've lived so far?  How can I live from this new paradigm and allow myself to believe that I AM THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, that I AM EVERYTHING, that I HAVE EVERYTHING?  How does this look like in real life?

Let me imagine it for a moment:  I have everything and I am everything.  Hmmm....I have no needs, nothing can be taken away, I cannot lose anything, all is well and perfect just as it is.  No striving, no comparisons, no competition, NO FEAR!!!  NO LACK!!!  This also means that I am Love, Peace, Joy....I am just fine!  I can give to others of my time, my love, my abundance in all ways and the more I give the more of all this I experience.

Oh God, it feels joyful, peaceful, wonderful.

This is my intention now, to live out this principle as best as I can.  It will be a moment to moment choice as I meet Life in all its ways and challenges.  I will remember this is the truth of who I am and the truth also of everyone I meet, my friends, family, clients, strangers (and will ask my Higher Self for help when I seem to forget) .  God has given all to all of us.  God makes absolutely no exceptions. We are truly loved!