Tuesday, November 17, 2020

We Are Never Alone (Video)

We are never alone, we are supported, there is a lot of help. Just reach out.

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Nothing Real Can Be Threatened

The teachings and principles in A Course in Miracles are quite radical and they challenge everything we think we know about life, God and ourselves.

I remember my first encounter with the Course in a small study group in February of 2007.  The first thing that sparked my curiosity was hearing that I am not guilty.  For someone who had felt guilty all of my life, I was hooked.

Through the years I've felt resistance to the Course because it's not an easy read, it's a course to be studied and lived and I've put the book down a few times, only to return to it because there's nothing like it for me.  Practicing its principles has resulted in more self-awareness, mind healing, loving relationships, and inner peace like never before. It has and continues to answer my existential questions; I have a relationship with it's Author that grows deeper and deeper.  Finally, I am inspired to facilitate a study group myself starting with the Text in 2021.

"Nothing real can be threatened; nothing unreal exists.  Herein lies the peace of God."

This quote from the Course's introduction starts us off precisely by the inquiry of what is real in this life; if reality cannot be threatened then most of what we believe is real (bodies, furniture, jobs, etc.) really isn't because they can be threatened.  Think about it.

Monday, November 9, 2020

The Path to Inner Peace

Our Creator calls us all to practice this (see below) so we can experience a world of unity, inner peace and brotherhood.  It is not easy, since we live in a world based on the ego thought system that is founded on lack, competition and fear and it is what we know, until now.  We can choose differently.  Our Inner Wisdom is always with us to guide and help.

Love is the basis of this practice, and it begins with each of us.  If we want to see our world begin to heal, it starts with us!  We can practice this at home, at work, on social media, even at the store.

"....when someone injures you, instead of seeking to get your own back or to repay him in his own coin, you are to do the very opposite--you are to forgive him, and set him free.  No matter what the provocation may be, and no matter how many times it is repeated, you are to do this.  You are to loose him and let him go, for thus only can you be free yourself--thus only can you possess your own soul."

Emmet Fox--Sermon on The Mount