Ministerial Services

I am a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor and have been a student of ACIM for  over 12 years.

On my spiritual journey, Spirit has guided me every step of the way. For almost 20 years I was an active member in a Christian church, where I served in the prayer ministry, was a youth and women's counselor, and facilitated a Bible study group for more than two years. My past training also includes life coaching and Reiki Master. 

The study of A Course in Miracles has transformed my life even more, and as I deepen my study and understanding of the awakening principles, my life now is happier and more peaceful.  I feel the inspiration to extend this joy and healing through my own practice and services to others, both in English and Spanish.

I offer the following services as an ordained minister and spiritual counselor (click on each link to learn more about each course and service):

Accessing InnerWisdom Counseling

Officiate non-denominational ceremonies 

SpiritualAwakening 8-Week Group Program

Healing InnerChild 8-Week Group

True Forgiveness Workshop (in process)

Love Letter Workshop (in process)


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