Ministerial Services

I am a Pathways of Light Ordained Ministerial Counselor and have been a student of ACIM principles for more over 12 years. 

On my spiritual journey, Spirit has guided me every step of the way. For almost 20 years I was an active member in a Christian church, where I served in the prayer ministry, was a counselor for women and youth, and facilitated a Bible study group for more than two years. My past training also includes life coaching and Reiki Master.  
Discovering A Course in Miracles changed my life even more, and continues to do so as I deepen my journey within. Having found Pathways of Light Spiritual College and experienced the ministerial training, my understanding of ACIM principles has been enriched. My life now is happier, more peaceful and I want to offer the same opportunity of awakening spiritually to others through the Pathways of Light courses and one-on-one Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling in person or by phone, both in English and Spanish. 

I offer the following services as a Pathways of Light Minister (click on each link to learn more about each course and service):

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