Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Self Love is My Priority

Self Love is My Priority
My mentor, Maia Berens, has taught me many lessons since we virtually met years ago.  She came into my mind this morning as I was journaling about certain important lessons in my own life. 
Maia has learned to work with certain health issues.  She can eat anything and everything, but she shouldn’t.  There are certain foods that create havoc in Maia’s body and make her feel uncomfortable.  She’s chosen to care for herself by avoiding and substituting those foods vs. being careless and suffering the consequences.
Well, the lesson I have learned from Maia’s way of self care relates to my own issues with anxiety and depression.  These conditions have accompanied me for most of my life.  When life becomes stressful, they seem to invite themselves in and make way.  These unwanted visitors are closely linked to my old thought patterns and self-image. 
I don’t always care for myself and many times create havoc in my life because of the choices I make.  And then, the visitors are back. 
So I take responsibility for what happens to me.  I know there are certain disciplines I need to practice daily and consistently in order to maintain balance and harmony in my life.  Consistency and commitment to myself are key in remaining balanced.  Because, it’s not that I don’t do what I need to do, I just do it some of the time.  I grow more aware that loving myself is a moment to moment activity. 
So, I commit to:
           Exercising regularly
           Enjoy Nature
           Be more present in each activity I undertake, no matter how common it is…such as washing the dishes. 
           Daily spiritual practice:  meditation, A Course in Miracles principles, prayer, attending my spiritual group, remaining connected to my coaching group, do reiki on myself
           Journaling, writing love letters….getting my feelings out of my system so they don’t accumulate inside
           Being very aware of what I really want, and not pleasing others overriding my own desires and preferences
           Taking time to rest and also enjoy life.  Have more fun.
           Being aware of my thoughts and remaining focused on what is true and eternal
           Consciously breathing so my mental focus is clearer
Don’t get me wrong, I do most of these regularly, but not consistently, and not all of them.  I have a tendency to get lost in my thoughts and in the doing.  Like Maia, it’s a matter of making loving myself my upmost priority.  My quality of life depends on it!!!

Friday, May 9, 2014

What My Process to Entrepreneurship Looks Like

About 12 years ago I was living in Dominican Republic and in my late 40s.  A strong desire was born within me to be independent....in all ways.  By then, I was divorced and my children were on their way to adulthood.  I was looking for options to start a business, but I was at a loss for ideas and how to go about it.
Details aside, I came back to the US in 2003 and have continued to work as an employee, as an Administrative Professional.  It's been more than 40 years being an employee, working for someone else.
I know that whatever work I do or services I offer, I will always encounter some kind of business relationship.  But the desire I mentioned above, is now stronger than ever.
One of the reasons I became a Life Coach was precisely to venture into being independent and doing what I love (I love being a Life Coach).
Having an employee mind-set has not helped me move forward.  It's been a process.
Now, at 59, I'm just completing a 2-year training and will soon become a Spiritual Minister.
A few months ago, I took a Claims Researcher training and plan to launch this aspect of my services also shortly.
In December 2013 I registered my company and Virtual Parlor, Inc. was born.  This was a huge step for me.
Until yesterday, I hadn't done anything with VP, Inc.  I have been procrastinating, going back and forth with what's next.
I decided the next step was to go to the bank and open a business account....which I did.  OMG....it was almost funny, as I'm sitting there going through the motions and paperwork at the bank...the thoughts, doubts, fears that were surfacing in my mind.  Are you sure?  What if you make no business and you lose money, seriously, are you going to make this happen?
These are the internal voices that have kept me back all along.  Yes, it's scary.  And my dream, vision, goal is to be independent, prosperous doing what I love and enjoy, effortlessly.
I believe I have created a pretty good platform now with Life Coaching, Ministerial Counseling, Claims Researcher, and a Virtual Assistant.
Next step (and overcoming more fears), is launching each and everyone of these services.