Throughout my 40-year career as an Administrative Professional, I had the opportunity to wear many hats in different industries and positions, allowing me to grow personally and professionally.  I learned to be helpful, supportive, creative, organized, coordinated, and so much more.

Once I reached a certain age, the corporate world did not fulfill my desire to be of service anymore. I was feeling a strong desire to find a deeper meaning to my existence and to life.  I was searching for God, and so became an active member of church where I learned to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. There, I trained as a spiritual counselor and I knew I had found my calling. 

After more than 20 years on this path, I found A Course in Miracles, or it found me.  Since 2007 I have studied the Course and it has transformed my life, my way of being in the world and healed my relationships with my family.

The transformation was so profound that I chose to go deeper in my spiritual journey and was ordained as a Ministerial Counselor through a two-year training with Pathways of Light.

Yes, it’s been quite a journey.  Now, through the many services I offer, I have found my joy and a way of extending the message of salvation, peace and joy to those I encounter.  

I share my journey in my blog if you'd like to read some of my posts.  

My services include:

--A Course in Miracles study group leader

--Spiritual counseling through the Accessing Inner Wisdom Counseling Process

--Spiritual workshops (Healing the Inner Child, Love Letters, Spiritual Awakening, True Forgiveness)

--Facilitator of the Pathways of Light Ministerial Counseling training

--Officiate ceremonies:  weddings, memorials, renewal of vows, and more

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