Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Relationship YOU

As a YOU University Life Coach, I have the privilege of coaching clients through the Relationship YOU program.
My blog today is about my experience coaching two of my clients through Relationship YOU, each married for 30+ years. I am witnessing how a deeper understanding of their past choices and more clarity in their self-perception has motivated them to choose healthier behaviors with their partners today, and with other significant relationships in their lives.  They have experienced wonderful results by following and applying the concepts in the program, most of all understanding that healthy relationships with others is a result of a healthy relationship with ourselves. 
It would have been difficult for me to believe that one could make such changes in a long-term relationship.  The testimonies of both these women are a confirmation that even after 30 years, love and willingness makes all the difference in the world!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Is Self Employment the New Trend?

Could it be that the new trend in business (for ex-employees) is self-employment?  It may seem that way.  Jobs are scarce.  The economy is very unstable.  Thousands of employees laid off and not finding jobs because so many jobs have been sent overseas.
So, is there a solution?  All over the internet I find ads motivating people to return to college.  Get an education! 
I am in total agreement with ongoing learning.  I love to learn.  But, is all this attention on getting a college degree really the wisest route?  Especially amidst our staggering economic situation?  I don't get it.
Maybe the focus should be more on motivating people to embark in short-term careers, obtain certifications, learn  technical skills.  It's a much more affordable and realistic alternative.  And, you may even create your own business vs. graduating from college to get a "job". 
Who is behind all this insistance to getting a college education in order to land a better job (and huge debt)? Isn't it more practical to offer alternatives by educating and helping people open their own practice/business?  Maybe, just maybe, jobs are taking the back seat to contractual, self-employment.  I'm not saying here that this alternative doesn't already exist.....but it's not obvious.  The college issue is. 
As for me, last year I decided to expand my education in a different career and I became a certified YOU University Life Coach.  Slowly but surely my coaching practice is growing.  It's such a rewarding feeling to offer my services and skills helping others be the best they can be.  And in exchange, create good income!!