Friday, September 24, 2021

My conversation this morning with God

Me:  Father, we need you to be more involved.  The world is insane, so much suffering and pain.  We need your help.  Please! (I expressed this with a little bit of anger)

God:  (Lovingly and gently) Remember my child, the world is an illusion and what you see happening is a reflection of the world's consciousness.  My children still want to do things their own way and rarely come to Me for guidance. They believe they are separate and can do things on their own. Remember, I am always with you, all of you.  But, I respect your will and do not impose Myself.  That is why you are so needed in the world.  You are the light, you are the healer.  I need your words, your love, your forgiveness in the world precisely now.  Be all that is needed to heal the world as I guide you.  I am your strength, your peace, your joy, and you can bring this to everyone you encounter and are with.  I am with you always and through you.

Me:  Thank you Father for the reminder.  I tend to get pulled in by all that seems to be happening and then think it's real.  Stay with me always.

God:  Always my child.