Thursday, February 3, 2022

A New Meditation Practice

For some time I've wanted to learn meditation as a way of connecting with my true being and reaching a place within of stillness and peace.  In the past I've sat in stillness reaching up to 25 minutes, and it's been helpful, but not as effective.  Recently I found on YouTube a lovely 3-part video on Samadhi, and on their website guided meditations focused on the breath.

Bingo.  This feels right.  The last two weeks I've practiced almost daily, getting into this new habit. These meditations go on for an hour of sitting and focusing on the breath, they are mostly silent with minimal guidance from the narrator.  So far I've been able to meditate for 54 minutes.  It feels empowering, refreshing and revealing

It's not as easy as it sounds.  I discover how active and resistant my mind is to being focused, present and aware.  My mind constantly wanders off into planning, remembering, worries, you name it.  But the practice is returning to my breath. Concentrate on it.  Surrender.  Over and over, bit by bit.  

It helps me to remember I am creating a new habit, one that I want more than anything.  Being present.  Aware.  Aligned.  And bring this awareness to all other parts of my life.  Being while I've doing.