Shanelle Lucas (Baby Sachiko Christening):
Thank you again for the beautiful service; we all loved it. 

Daniela RodrigĂșez Taveras: (attended a Love Letter workshop in Santo Domingo on 10/20/2017): 

Me encanto vivir esa experiencia, primero le doy gracias a Dios y luego a personas como tu que son como un medio, no voy a la iglesia, incluso no soy de resar, ya que para mi es mejor hablar con el, agradecerle y pedirle, y le pedi madurez, pero antes de darme eso, me dio la virtud de conocerte. Mi carta fue para mi, y de verdad en mucho tiempo no sabia lo mucho que me castigo, pero al final lo mucho que me amo. Gracias y no pares.

Cedric Ragsdale (colleague, Finance VP) from Miami, FL says:
I worked with Savina and, as a professional, she did more than what was required and was always open to interesting challenges.   Savina also gave valuable insight into life, the organization and our co-workers. It did not surprise me when she told me that she would be a life coach.  Savina informally and formally mentored people.  It is a strength of hers. 

Ibis Lebron from Pueto Rico says (Pathways of Light Ministerial Trainee):

During this last year, I received the guidance from Savina as my facilitator in the courses of Pathways of Light.  We have never met in person, but I always felt in confidence with her.   I feel honored and grateful .  I learned to open my heart to the love and peace of  my Inner Guidance.  I think that the dedication she gives to the spiritual work she does is an invitation to be followed.   
Thank you Savina.

Margaret Scanlon from New York, NY says:

Savina is a great coach. I have known her ever since we worked at the same nonprofit corporation more than ten years ago. Savina has been my coach during each and every conversation we've had--just naturally and without effort or deliberate intention. She questions and reflects in ways that are most meaningful and deep. She is kind and gentle but firm and steady in her integrity and principles. She is a very strong person and yet flexible and open. She has been so understanding and insightful as well as intuitive and acute in her judgements with me. I truly value our relationship and our conversations. Every moment with her is rich and meaningful. There are no wasted words, for even her questions are profound and inspiring. Savina has been an amazing companion in my search for meaning and purpose in life. I recommend her most strongly and unquestioningly for anyone looking for a life coach, guidance and insight, or just a lively and enlightening conversation!                  

Maia Berens (founder of YOU University Coaching program) from California, says:  
Savina Cavallo had been working with me as a client for a couple of years when she realized she was ready - ready to completely change her life. For years she worked in the corporate world but her gifts, interests and talents are for coaching and teaching. She is a highly intuitive yet grounded and mature women with deep inner spirituality and is a natural teacher of transformation. She is a profound listener and is excited at the prospect of helping others transform as she has and continues to do. Her multi-cultural background gives her particular expertise in advancing the role of and empowering women.

Maggie Currie (CEO-Founder at Maggie Currie Coaching) from UK says: 

Savina is a very intuitive coach who will go that extra mile to ensure that her clients get the most benefit from her skills. She has a caring and empathetic nature that comes across in all that she does.

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  1. She's a natural at being a caring, sincere &open heart center. Good luck!!


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