Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Best Birthday Present Ever

This is me.  And today is my 67th birthday.  Wow.  It’s funny, I don’t feel this age.  I feel like I stayed at around 42 maybe.  But I am embracing my age, all that I have learned, my past mistakes and the healing.  Even allowing my hair to be what it is at this stage of my life!  Accepting the beautiful gray.

I feel blessed as a woman, mother, wife, friend and in all the roles I have played and continue to play as Savina.

But my most precious blessing is the awareness of who and what I truly am.  Finally, the veil has begun to lift.  I give thanks to my Father, my Creator, for never giving up on me.  All through these years I’ve been “searching” for what I already had and have.  God provided me the way to realize I am Awareness, infinite, love, light, and revealed that I have a purpose He has given me.  This is the best birthday present ever!!!  I was lost, insane, blind, asleep.  I am truly happy to be where I’m at today.  Healing.

When I turned 60, I had an aha moment.  I realized I had less time left on earth than what I had already lived, and I decided I really wanted to know myself, honestly, faults and all.  With all the ups and downs, mistakes, and even fears, I’m still on the path.  It feels as if there’s an acceleration to it.  As if I’m “knowing” more in a short time than I did in the past decades.  

I am thankful for all the teachers along the way.  Books, webinars, courses, my husband, my children, parents, friends.  All of them have played a part in the mind healing.  

I’m not done yet.  For sure.  But I’m 100% in!!!  I want to make these coming years worthwhile!