Sunday, December 25, 2016

I Forget

So many times I forget all the lessons learned on my life journey.  I let myself be bogged down by old thought patterns, fears and just plain complaining and victimhood.

I forget about wonderful spiritual tools that really work, because I've practiced them over and over in the past.  Yet I forget.

I forget what I learned from the Bible years ago that God always Is.  To be still and know He is God. He/She is above any perceived challenge or problem.  He is my Provider, my Strength....and that needs to be my focus.

I forget I learned in YOU University Life Coaching that life is a school and that in someway, at some level, I create my experiences and there is always a lesson in each one.

I forget that A Course in Miracles teaches me to practice, practice, practice forgiveness, to not see error, but to remember that I am always as God created me.  That I am holy, whole, complete, love, peace, not lacking anything.  And the same for my brothers and sisters all around me.  Again, when I lose this focus, I slip into fear and move away from my oneness with God.

Today, I remember.  Today I step into my true identity.  I am God's creation, I am one with Him, with All That Is.  How can I fear?  How can I lack?  I place my Inner Vision on these truths and affirm them over and over....and return to peace.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Job Searching and Virtual Business

Since arriving in Miami in 2006 I've been laid off from three different jobs.  All have been great work experiences and companies, but now I find myself job searching once more.

As an administrative professional, I've had the privilege of working at great companies, in diverse industries (pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, mining, insurance) and in several states, even countries.

From Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, to New York City, Dallas and now the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area, I've shared my unique talents, abilities and skills in such multi-nationals as Novartis, Gilead, and Johnson & Johnson subsidiary.  I've worn all kinds of hats, too.....secretary, administrative assistant, executive assistant, facilities coordinator, HR coordinator, technician, translator.  Yes.  All those.

For years, I've had a nudging desire to own my own business and be of service to several clients instead of working for one company as an employee.  Finally, in 2013, I registered my company, Virtual Parlor, Inc., and took that first step making it a reality. Since then, I've been giving form to my virtual business, but it's been a very slow process.  I've encountered lots of resistance (from within myself) taking courses, creating a website, a LinkedIn presence, contracts, identifying my niche and which services to offer; and while I now am applying to jobs consistently, selectively and with a positive attitude, the business wants to be born.

 I know being a business owner is not an easy endeavor, but it is very rewarding and presents a multitude of opportunities for growth, personally and professionally.

Life Coaching and spirituality are a true passion of mine.  In 2010 I graduated as a Life Coach and after two years of training, in 2014 I graduated from Pathways of Light as an ordained ministerial counselor.  I haven't dedicated much time to putting my services "out there", but I have had several coaching clients and also done spiritual workshops at a Unity Church and facilitated ministerial training in both English and Spanish.

I will continue to make this a reality even as I work at a job.  I am excited to see what doors God opens up for me.