Saturday, February 25, 2012

Do You Have a Life Purpose?

This questions comes up a lot.  Many books have been written about it and many leaders remind us we need to have a purpose and to know it!  It almost seems like a demand (to me).  "You must find your purpose in life.  What is your purpose?" 
I spent a lot of years wanting to find my purpose. I remember when I was 17 wanting to go to a third world country as a volunteer. I had that inner drive to make a difference in the world.   Of course, that didn't happen.  Instead, I created a, I realize this is one of the highest "callings" and purpose one can have. 
Yet, that ideal of having a high purpose has followed me through the years.  I think I may have been searching for a high and mighty "calling".  Equal to "I have to do something big and important".  Of course, carrying this thought around has made me feel like I'm not there yet, (wherever that means) and that I'm not doing enough or making enough of a difference.  Do you feel this way too?
Precisely today I read a quote on Facebook reminding us to find our purpose.  This time I saw this from a different and more loving perspective. 
I see my purpose now equal to bringing something of meaning and value to wherever I am and to what I do.  If I can assist someone to feel good about themselves in some way, I feel I've fulfilled a worthy purpose. 
At work I'm cooperative, objective and balanced.  I do my best to bring solutions and not create problems. 
I do my best to be conscious of how I treat those in my life so they feel important and respected.
I find I bring light and energy to my family, my friends, coaching clients and to the groups I belong to. 
I really do make a difference and this is a high enough of a purpose.  Just because it's not "big" doesn't mean it lacks value.  Life really is about the details. 


  1. Great blog Savina, and I can relate to the search for our purpose.does feel heavy and demanding and I find great comfort in your wisdom to see that our purpose is the little things we do, the details you call them. I think you are totally right and part of the unrest I have felt often is because I don't give myself credit for all the details. I so agree that family is one of the highest callings. We can for sure see many examples of how people didn't (or couldn't) view this job as the most important thing in their life, and the results are sad.

    Thanks for your insight, it made me think about my life in a different way today.

  2. It is even said that"God is on the details"

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