Thursday, November 10, 2016

If I "Need" to Know the Outcome.....

When I "need" to know the outcome of a situation before moving forward or taking on a new endeavor or challenge, I'm not trusting my Inner Wisdom nor surrendering to Divine Guidance.

Needing to know how anything is going to turn out before I take a risk or make a decision confirms my desire to continue controlling outcomes, situations, relationships, and Life itself.

This hasn't worked out for me at all.  I've had a tendency to over-analyze and over-think everything before taking any steps, believing things have to be perfect and in place.  I have a fear of the unknown.  I want to control how things will turn out.  This has kept me stuck, resulting in losing out on wonderful challenges and hidden blessings.

I realize now that have no way of knowing or controlling how anything is going to turn out.  No confirmation or assurance.  I can only choose to trust.  Trust that all is as it needs to be and move forward.  Trust that I am taken care of!!!

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