Sunday, December 25, 2016

I Forget

So many times I forget all the lessons learned on my life journey.  I let myself be bogged down by old thought patterns, fears and just plain complaining and victimhood.

I forget about wonderful spiritual tools that really work, because I've practiced them over and over in the past.  Yet I forget.

I forget what I learned from the Bible years ago that God always Is.  To be still and know He is God. He/She is above any perceived challenge or problem.  He is my Provider, my Strength....and that needs to be my focus.

I forget I learned in YOU University Life Coaching that life is a school and that in someway, at some level, I create my experiences and there is always a lesson in each one.

I forget that A Course in Miracles teaches me to practice, practice, practice forgiveness, to not see error, but to remember that I am always as God created me.  That I am holy, whole, complete, love, peace, not lacking anything.  And the same for my brothers and sisters all around me.  Again, when I lose this focus, I slip into fear and move away from my oneness with God.

Today, I remember.  Today I step into my true identity.  I am God's creation, I am one with Him, with All That Is.  How can I fear?  How can I lack?  I place my Inner Vision on these truths and affirm them over and over....and return to peace.

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