Friday, March 10, 2017

Responsibility For the Life We Experience

Spiritual leaders and wise ones have stated so many times that we humans are all one and connected at our deepest level.  Because of this oneness that unites us, what we do to or desire for others we also do to ourselves; yet, so many, if not the majority, of us choose to remain in a state of separateness by judging, rejecting, even hating others.

You would think that awareness of this truth would motivate each of us to practice kindness, understanding, being non-judgmental, whether it’s a political figure, our spouse, boss, a family member, or neighbor.  But not so. 

Today, with all the access to global and local information at our fingertips, we allow ourselves to be overcome with fear and division. Sometimes I too find myself being critical, angry, and even rejecting another and I miss an opportunity to practice being loving, connecting, and understanding. 

I have come to believe that all these negative feelings are stored and accumulated in our subconscious and eventually show up in our bodies as physical ailments. 

I’m not writing about anything new.  I’m sure we have all read or heard about this in other material, whether scientific or spiritual.  Our bodies (and our lives) are a reflection of what we entertain in our consciousness (thoughts, beliefs). 

Many of us are becoming more aware of this reality.  With this awareness, we can choose to move away from negative conversations, writings, or interactions and not allow fear to continue separating us.  

I move that we start more than ever to practice a more loving and healing way of being.  Let’s choose to see beyond the error, beyond what we perceive as obnoxious behavior and see the true being behind the personality.  This takes practice and a willingness to let go of our desire to be right and special.      

We have so much power to create a more loving experience instead of one of fear and separation.  Let’s not “fight against” anything but “work towards” the good.  

I’m considering starting an online group with those that feel the same as I, where we join to bless, to share goodness, loving truths, and then witness the shift within us and around us.  Let us remind each other that we have the power to change our experience as we choose to see from a more loving perspective.  YOU AND I ARE ONE. 

Let’s start taking responsibility for the life we experience and be mindful of it!!!

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