Friday, August 11, 2017

Micro Dreams and Macro Dreams

This morning I woke up from a really strange dream.  I won't go into detail, but it was about me getting married to someone I really didn't want to marry and now had to break it off.  I was having difficulty talking to the groom-to-be because he and I had no connection, he never looked at me in the eyes, and also my father visited in the dream, looking happy, handsome and in a suit.  People in the dream would be hurt by me not going through with the wedding, but I was determined to not do it.

When I woke up I had this feeling of relief and was thankful it was just a dream.  Then I remembered what A Course in Miracles consistently states, that this seeming life I'm living is also a dream.

As I had that thought, I said to God in my can this be a dream when it seems so real? And another thought to answer that one popped in my head:  how can this NOT be a dream?  It's a crazy experience, with so many uncertainties, fears, ever-changing situations, birth, a few years to learn, earn a living, raise a family or whatever we choose to do here, and, in most cases, there's aging, sickness and then death.  Like my husband always says, we have micro dreams and this is a macro dream.

How can this NOT be a dream?

My priority over all else is to awaken from this dream by healing my mistaken perceptions!  I'm not always aware of this, and I get caught up in the ego illusions, but I ask Spirit to remind me all the time so I can choose to see what is true and real each moment.

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