Sunday, January 21, 2018

Miracles Are Happening All the Time

To me, a miracle is an event that goes beyond the laws of the ego thought system.  A miracle is the result of practicing the laws of Spirit.  It results in healing, connection, oneness and feelings of love, joy and peace. 

Each encounter, each relationship is an opportunity for me to choose to see another differently.  By looking beyond the personality, I transcend ego vision, and begin to "see" with the eyes of Spirit....I see the light in them.  In this way I don't relate to my past experience of them, but to the here and now. It is an opportunity to bring more peace and freedom into my life and relationships.  I can choose to be defenseless and invulnerable and let go of attack.

As this becomes a continuous and deliberate choice, guess what?  Miracles are more common.  I am happier.  My relationships begin to heal.  I feel more connected and less separated from my True Self, from others, and most of all from God!

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