Monday, May 24, 2021

"I Am Everything and I Have Everything"


I love this idea from A Course in Miracles.  It's a concept that I had never encountered before.

God has given us everything through His Spirit as an intrinsic part of us.  Nothing can change that.  Imagine, His spirit is always with us, no matter what we do or say or think.  

And God Is:  Love. Truth. Peace. Joy. Light. Strength. Eternal.  And much more.

God created each of us with all His attributes....but we have forgotten.

Holy Spirit (God's Voice within us) is always reminding us of this truth.  As we remember this moment to moment, that we have everything and are everything in Him, the old self-concepts fall away.  

The ego (our false sense of self) keeps itself alive in our awareness through anxiety, fear, and feelings of unworthiness (as we believe we aren't enough) But this is not what we are.  We need to remember this truth.  God says so.  We are everything and we have everything.

I'm not going to argue with the Almighty!!!  

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