Sunday, June 20, 2010

How committed am I to myself and to my Life Coaching business?

I was just laid off from my job and my last day was May 28th. I’ve been working as an employee in different companies for more than 30 years. I have been looking forward to this time off in order to dedicate more of my time and energy to building my life coaching business and to be more involved in a life coach training school program, You University, with my life coach and its founder, Maia Berens, and a team of 3 other life coaches. I am very excited about this.

Instead, I tooke a two week vacation and visited my kids, grandkids and close friends in Dominican Republic. I just got back last week, and two days later, one of my daughters came to Miami to do shopping for her upcoming wedding. Five busy days, driving all over the place.

Of course, I had little to no time to work at my business.

Why was I doing this? I have just taken 3 weeks time away from something that I claim is extremely important to me. Not that time with family for me isn’t a priority, but I have to ask myself these questions.

  • Am I sabotaging myself by creating situations that call my attention elsewhere so I don’t focus on my true desires?
  • If I had a job, would I have taken all this time off?
  • How serious am I about creating my business?
  • How much effort and time am I willing to dedicate to make it a reality? How committed am I to this?
  • Am I again putting others’ wants and needs before my own?

The answers can only be found within myself. I can let fear of succeeding or failing sabotage me, or continue to go for what I want.

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  1. I say go for what you want and let nothing hold you back, especially yourself! I know you can do this, as a matter of fact I am sure you can do anything you set your mind too!


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