Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Willingness, Commitment, Courage,

Reviewing Bldg 3 in You University Life Coach training program a few days ago (going over an old assignment), it was refreshing to reread and reaffirm what it takes to walk the true path of inner transformation. I'd like to share these with you here:
  • Willingness: First, I have to want to make the changes needed to create the life I want. I have to have self honesty that I need to make changes and to do the work. I cannot force this or do it grudgingly. It takes a voluntary willingness to move forward.
  • Commitment: Commitment is central to your transformation. This commitment to yourself means that no matter what is occurring in your life,YOUR PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION IS THE CORE VALUE YOU HOLD DEAREST. It is your reality and your salvation. This quote is from the referred Bldg.....I think it says it all. But I always need to add my own experience to what I blog here so it doesn't seem like I'm lecturing. There is something called Resistance that we all have within us. Change is uncomfortable....it's scary sometimes. So, it has been really necessary for me to remain focused on my commitment to myself to continue on my self growth and healing journey. I am important to myself. Now. No more putting it off. It's not enough to have willingness...to want...I want this, I want that, etc....we have to be committed.
  • Courage: it does take courage to face yourself, to own those parts of you you've been burying inside for years. It takes courage to admit responsibility and to take charge of your life.
As the program states, all these qualities already exist in me, and in you. They are God-given...part of our human-spirituality.

Are you ready?

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