Monday, March 21, 2011

Do Affirmations Really Work?

Are affirmations effective?  Do they really work in creating a shift in our moods or feelings?  I believe they do.  They work for me. Sometimes I've read articles written by professionals stating that an affirmation alone will not create any change in us....especially if we don't really believe what we are affirming.  Really?  Reading these statements has sometimes made me doubt.  But, then I remember the best proof I can have is my own experience with affirmations.
I'm blogging about this because I realize we, and I, have so many available tools, which are free, and we're always searching for something else, someone else, to teach us or show us the way....when we already know what we need to do.  And, affirmations are one of them.  As a You University Life Coach, I share this tool with my clients because I know their effectiveness.
Do you know that our thoughts are affirmations?  Every thought we entertain is affirming what we think of ourselves, of life, of others.  Whether it's conscious or not.  But our thoughts are affirmations.
Many years ago during a bout of depression, I learned a very effective and soothing tool to work my way out of the depression....using Bible verses as affirmations.
I got this idea out of a book I was reading at the time.  I learned that depression starts with a thought.  Again, our thoughts are so powerful...they can lead us to peace or despair.  Remember that phrase, "Be careful what you wish for"?  I'd say...."Be careful what you think about".
So, as the book suggested, I wrote one bible verse per index card until I had about 10.  Whenever I got panicky and fearful (these accompanied the depressive state and would arise within me unexpectadly), I'd take out a card and read the verse out loud or in silence....I'd read it as wholly as I could. It didn't matter whether I was driving or cooking or trying to sleep, I'd do it.   At first, these affirmations didn't seem to make any difference in my mood or feelings....but, I kept on ....after a few months...the depression had lifted.  I have to say that the affirmations actually balanced my brain chemistry.
This tool may not work for everyone, but what have you got to lose?
You can find affirmations in the Bible, in A Course in Miracles, in other spiritual scriptures you read....or you can create your own.
Affirmations are a great tool:
  • when you're depressed or anxious
  • when you're fearful
  • if about to face a challenging situation
  • whenever you feel self-doubt
  • if you feel anger rising up within you
  • and.....whenever you feel you need them
Journaling is another highly effective tool in our journey to self-discovery and healing.  Watch for my next post to learn more about it.  Meanwhile, visit this  and read about a wonderful journaling community you can join where you'll find a gentle haven of sharing and support.

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