Friday, March 25, 2011

Why Journal?

Finally, I've created the habit of journaling.
It took me a long time and quite many trials.  Through the years I've started a journal many times...then I forget.  Weeks, months and sometimes a year would go by without writing, until I felt the need again to journal what was going on in my life, inside and out; I'd start all over again.
Why do I journal?  Well, in my journal I can express what I'm feeling.  These are words infused with who I really am and what is actually going on inside me, and in my life.
Journaling helps me unload the emotional "stuff" I may be carrying around.  Journaling is a useful tool in self-development and also for inner healing. I can write my desires, my dreams and goals.  
I write emotions I may have towards people in my life exactly as I am feeling them:  anger, fear, distrust, frustration, or love, admiration, desire...feelings I am not ready or unable to express outwardly, but my journal holds and receives them.  It's my friend.  Never divulging what I write, but just holding my heart.
When I read my journals from years back, I can appreciate my journey, how I've grown and developed, or how I'm still the same in certain areas of my life.  It usually brings a smile to my face.  I can witness my own transformation.
Would you like to get into the habit of journaling?  Visit and be a member of a free journaling community where you'll learn to journal by following weekly topics that are related to your everyday life.  Here's the link:

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