Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Too Old According to Whom???

Am I too old to embark on a new life project?  A new relationship?  A new career? 
I hear this from many middle aged women....even younger women, in their thirties.  Ohhh, I'm too old.
Society has hammered into our minds, as women, that we are mostly valuable during our younger years, and that that once we hit our fifties, it's over for us and all we have to look forward to is enjoying our grandchildren and retiring. 
I beg to differ!!!
At 56, I'm ready and working each day in creating a new career path.  In 2009 I got an ESL teacher certification.  Last year I became a certified You University Life Coach.  Today, I'm transitioning from an Administrative Professional to a Life Coach and Minister!!  I'm so excited.
The thoughts of being too old sometimes do cross my mind.  I automatically dismiss them.  No one is going to box me in.  Society and the media, and even certain cultures, may still circulate these messages, but it's up to us women to change these images of us.  As long as we believe in ourselves, strive to remain healthy, invest in our well-being and choose to be open to new ventures, we have limitless possibilities and opportunities to continue growing, expanding and making a positive difference in the world.
In our core we are limitless and ageless.  I live from there!!!

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