Thursday, April 21, 2011

On Guilt

Ahhhh, guilt.  Not a good friend; one who's accompanied me throughout most of my life.  It made itself a permanent companion when I was just a little girl.
It took control of my self-perception.  Guilt for being me.  Guilt for making mistakes.  Guilt for having dreams.  Guilt for wanting to follow my own path and dance to my own music.
For years, I was held down by imposed roles to be a nice, good girl....woman....daughter....mother...wife....employee...the list goes on.
Today, I invited guilt to step aside.  Even now, having walked a long path of self discovery, healing and forgiveness, guilt sometimes rears it's dirty and accusing presence into my awareness. Yes, I can feel it's dark energy around my stomach and pressure on my shoulders.
But, it's power over me is no more.  I am conscious of its lies and am freer moment to moment from it's manipulative claws. 
Guilt thrives and hides in our culture, religion, families and even among some of our friends.  Come to think of it, society in general.  The pressure and manipulation is there, wanting to control our thoughts, actions, and ultimately, our lives. 
It has taken a lot of courage on my part and much inner work through the years to finally be able to say I've Got The Power.  I take responsibility for my life, in my own terms.  I owe no one anything.  What I do I will do out of love and choice.  Not from guilt and fear.  No more!!!  The chains are broken.   Guilt steps aside, Love takes it's place!!!  Inner peace is the result.

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