Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Decision-making has always been a struggle for me. Taking risks has been scary. It takes me forever to decide what's in my best interest, especially when it's related to life-changing issues such as selling a property, changing jobs, or marketing myself to attract clients and offer my services.

This inner resistance to moving forward into unknown territory has awakened my curiosity to find out what it is at my core that paralizes me.

I'm pretty sure many others go through this whole feeling-stuck experience. But, where does it stem from?

Through self-awareness I’ve discovered it’s linked to self-doubt; self-doubt generated from my constant mind chatter telling me “you can't do this, you don't know enough of that, people are going to realize you're a fake”. At the core? Old negative beliefs I’ve dragged for way too long.

Practicing stillness and asking my Self  (that part of me that is connected to All Wisdom) has helped me tremendously.  When I ask......What feels best to ME? What feels peaceful?  And wait.....I actually receive Guidance.  I find the answers are really inside of me.  It feels peaceful, right for me.  The old beliefs start to fade away as I embrace the truth about myself.  

Taking time to be still and listen has been key to moving forward and to learning to have a new trust in myself.  I believe this takes courage and practice.  It's a shift from self-doubt to self-trust. 


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