Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lessons in Nature

This post is from a few years ago....but so worth sharing again.  The experience hasn't changed.

I take my power walks in a lovely park close to home.  I notice the trees and the rocks and the birds.  There's a lake right in the middle of the park, also.  It's beautiful to be able to enjoy so much, for free.   I love the exposure to nature.
Yesterday, I observed a little closer some of the trees that I passed as I walked .  First, I took notice of the path where I start my's like a greeting committee...of mango trees.

Just walking underneath them I felt as if I was surrounded, nurtured and greeted happily by these wonderful living beings.  I could almost sense them communicating with me.  
Walking on, I noticed one tree. It felt like it resembled me. Short, not tall.....with a chunky trunk and lots of flowers (to later turn into fruit) on its branches close to the ground. I like to think I'm like that.  My arms extended out, wanting to give to others what I've received. 
Guess what?  As I continued, I noticed another seemed to have been blown over by a storm, and most of its roots where outside the ground; yet, even though I thought it should be dead...there was life branching out of it...yes, there were flowers on its branches!!
I was amazed.  This particular tree reminded me of people we sometimes think are crippled or disabled, but even so, live full and productive to the world in their own unique way.
Funny, I walk this path almost every day....only yesterday did I take notice of all the lessons and stories Nature has to share with me. 
Thank you!!!

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