Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Three Magic Secrets: #1 LIFE IS A SCHOOL

Secret #1: Life is a School

For years I used the tools I had learned to cope with life's challenges and difficulties; these were:
  • to complain, feel like a victim of circumstances, blame others for my "misery"
At the beginning of my life coach training program with YOU University Coaching, I learned three very wise or MAGIC secrets.

By practicing their application in my everyday life, my mood,  relationships and outlook on life itself changed to a much happier and healthier one.

The first secret, Life is a School, has helped me perceive life's events as lessons. The lessons are really more about myself, who I am, what am I thinking and feeling, what is a person or event appearing in my experience actually revealing to me about ME.

Now, whenever a challenge arises, I refrain from complaining or judging it as "bad", and I ask myself:

  • What can I learn from this? 
  • What is this situation mirroring back to me about myself? 
  • How did I participate in creating this?

As a result of this continued practice, I now complain less, appreciate much more and my life has taken on more meaning and purpose. I now know myself much better and make wiser choices.

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