Sunday, November 15, 2015

God, Let Me Know You Deeper

Ok, so how can I trust in something or someone I do not really know?  Do I really know You?  Are You a figment of my imagination?  Would I meet You along the way if I hadn't been indoctrinated by religion, parents, society to believe in You?

I want to know You in a more real sense.  Why don't you talk to me?  Why do I have to keep guessing what You mean, who I am, or
what this life is all about?

At some level, some "place" within my being I sense You.  But I want to know You, from soul to soul.  From a place of curiosity, of newness, freshness.

Don't hide from me God.  Show me the Way.  Reveal yourself to me in simple, clean ways.  The world is complex enough, too complex for my head.  I want You to meet me, I want to meet You at a simple place.

Hold my hand. sustain me as I stand in the Unknown.

I know You Are!  Let me know you deeper, more.

With a desire to be Love,


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