Monday, January 2, 2017

God Has Given Me Everything

God Has Given Me Everything!  What a statement!  This is what A Course in Miracles says about God and me and you!

The Course also states that I am everything and I have everything.  Yet this has not been my experience here in life.  It seems like I am always striving to get somewhere, to be something more and better than what I am because I'm not enough.

When I read these sentences a few days ago I had to stop and allow them to sink into my mind.  How can this concept be so alien to what I've lived so far?  How can I live from this new paradigm and allow myself to believe that I AM THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, that I AM EVERYTHING, that I HAVE EVERYTHING?  How does this look like in real life?

Let me imagine it for a moment:  I have everything and I am everything.  Hmmm....I have no needs, nothing can be taken away, I cannot lose anything, all is well and perfect just as it is.  No striving, no comparisons, no competition, NO FEAR!!!  NO LACK!!!  This also means that I am Love, Peace, Joy....I am just fine!  I can give to others of my time, my love, my abundance in all ways and the more I give the more of all this I experience.

Oh God, it feels joyful, peaceful, wonderful.

This is my intention now, to live out this principle as best as I can.  It will be a moment to moment choice as I meet Life in all its ways and challenges.  I will remember this is the truth of who I am and the truth also of everyone I meet, my friends, family, clients, strangers (and will ask my Higher Self for help when I seem to forget) .  God has given all to all of us.  God makes absolutely no exceptions. We are truly loved!

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