Monday, July 10, 2017

About The Text of A Course in Miracles

2017 began with my intention of reading and studying the Text of A Course in Miracles. It is my desire to understand the teaching of the Course and apply it to my daily life at a deeper level.  More than anything I want to become more conscious and aware of my beliefs, and practice releasing what doesn't serve me and returning to being who I truly am, as God created me!

For the past 10 years I've done the lessons 3 times and participated in several Course study groups. In these groups we've delved into the Text to find deeper meaning to the teachings, but only now have I decided to do my own self-study of it in order to allow the Holy Spirit to show me the way at a very personal level, from within, and not so much from external teachings.

I can testify that I can feel the difference in my awareness and willingness to hear Spirit's Guidance moment to moment.  My understanding has started to shift (finally) from a mental/intellectual understanding to more of an experience.  I feel more present, less defensive and willing to connect with others at a soul level, going beyond what I see with my physical eyes.  I can say that my Inner Eye is taking the lead in connecting and communicating with others, as well as with myself.

As I apply these principles at a deeper level, I realize my intrinsic worth, and that I am safe, secure, powerful, invulnerable and loved by my Creator; exactly what I've desired my entire adult life.

Each and every teaching and tool from the past has been a stepping stone leading to me to this Now in my life.

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