Friday, July 28, 2017

There Is So Much Information Available to Me

photo by Simon Matzinger
I believe the most fundamental purpose in this life experience is that I Know Myself.

From my childhood, through my teen years and then as an adult, I searched a lot to find my identity and my purpose; I looked for these answers in books, teachers, counseling, religion, accomplishments, and through my relationships with my parents, partners, friends, etc.

And yes, all of these shed some light; but of course this light was not too shiny because I relied too much on outside feedback.

I've lived and learned, and have really started looking within, questioning my beliefs, listening to how I feel and what I allow into my experience.  Each day I learn to gauge where I am walking in truth and where I am believing in illusions.

Knowing myself has become my number one purpose.  I now have more willingness to observe my thoughts, to question my beliefs and to sense what is Truth.  Whatever I react to without serves as information to let me know what is going on inside....many times stuff I'm not yet aware of until I actually "look".  Look not with my physical eyes but with Spirit, with my Higher Self.  All this goes on continuously, in my everyday life and in my many encounters with others at home, at work, while driving, etc.

I know myself more by becoming aware of the patterns that continue to show up in my life. My relationships and the situations I attract are a wealth of information.  I notice that many times I'm not as present as I would like to be in my daily activities and react almost automatically.

I can know myself in the everyday, simple things and moments that Life presents to me. I practice paying attention and being more aware.  No fear.  I embrace it with love and compassion.

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